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It Hosta Go!

Ok… Bad puns aside I had a little time in the garden today to clear out my now finished Hostas. I would have liked to have done them last week only our next door neighbour has had some work done on our shared chimney so they had to put scaffolding up across our shared fence, a bit on either side and because I ain’t stupid I didn’t want to go working around it as, knowing my luck, it would all fall down around my ears.

Ok… Maybe not, but you get my drift.


My Hosta!… With wind blown litter. This is an old plant and last year I noticed a ‘thing’ that I wanted to test. This is why I took a photo and made this post. Now yes, it did need a clear up… I’m not saying it didn’t… But look what I found when I was done…


Why do I already have new growth showing? It did this last year but none of my other Hostas do it… Why this one? It’s not anywhere any more sheltered or anything than the others and it’s not even any older, all the Hostas I have are divisions from ONE plant! So why does this particular one have new growth points already? Very strange.
BTW, I’m not worried that it will kill the plant or anything as it did the same thing last year, although last year was a super mild winter. Oh well. B-)


The other thing I did today was to bring in my Abutilon inside. There is no way it will survive even a half rated UK winter if left out. I learned that one a few years ago when I *ahem* liberated my first one of them from where I worked. The second one won’t go the same way as the first!

I gave it a trim of old, dead and generally bad wood, picked out the weeds from the soil and checked for pests and in it came. Oh… And did I mention that it STILL HAS FLOWERING BUDS?  Crazy! O.o

This is all too much for me. I’m off for a cup of tea… Maybe a biscuit too, to calm my nerves of course. B-)


7 thoughts on “It Hosta Go!

  1. The frost is killing my garden, but then we are now having an “Indian Summer” (Am I politically incorrect enough? I just read a book called ANGELS IN MY HAIR by Lorna Byrne and she lived in Kilmainham. I immediately thought of you Kal! LOL

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