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The Warehouse Clean Up

Autumn for me is a time to do a tidy up. Mainly I just sweep out the dust, pick up the rubbish I dropped and generally put things back where they should be. This year I did a move-around too.

In the grand scheme of things it’s not that messy. Trust me when I say it has been worse!
And yes, that is a pink bookcase. I am comfortable enough to accept that pink bookcases have their place in the warehouse!

First thing I did was rip that door off the wall. When I say ‘Rip’ I do mean *RIP*… The screws holding it into the frame were just piles of rust held together with pure stubbornness and there was no budging them. So, with a couple of gentle nudges with my size 9’s and the very real threat of the sledgehammer it just came off, amazing!
BTW. The door is now in pieces waiting for the 5th. These two statements are not to be taken lightly. B-)

After a not-so-quick tidy and a much needed sweeping I found a need to hang my garden tools properly. So far they were just hung roughshod on a rack. Ok, it worked but it wasn’t the best set up ever.

So I broke out my drill and tool case, got the emergency services on speed-dial and made some holes! Then, after not blowing the world up, I fitted a baton to the wall and hung them on that.
The eagle-eyed folks out there may notice the pesticide calibration notes on the wall at the back! No idea why I put them there… B-)

This is the new tool rack under my shelf, all done and fitted. God, there is a lot of rubbish up there! Most of it is just trash. I really should go through it and throw most of it out.

This is it now. Cleaner for sure. I swept the floor again and did some other shenanigans about the place. If I do anything else then I will need to tidy up the bit at the back. That will take time as all my tools are back there. I did put most of my tools away in the box though, possibly the first time that’s happened this year!

If I am going to procrastinate I will take the time to clean my garden tools ready for winter. I don’t think I will be using them much now. Maybe an odd job or two but that’s it. Just the right time to do a servicing on everything and put it all away.
Basically anything to avoid cleaning that space at the back. Yeah… That is a real mess!


12 thoughts on “The Warehouse Clean Up

  1. Ha ha we just did a major clean out of our garage too! Shifting seasons means I clean out things! (AKA throw shit away I have been hoarding for the passed however long! 😂)

    1. I tend not to hoard… I just ‘Put stuff down’ wherever I am until it reaches critical mass and I need to clean it all up!
      Rubbish generally gets thrown out unless I’m in a rush.

      1. Ha ha ha!! My husband to be can’t help it… scrap metal, wood pieces, packing wrap and peanuts, etc… the list is almost never ending! Luckily that’s all in the garage. My fault is inside… I call it the tiny house too much stuff problem. Ha ha ha!!

        1. LOL!
          It’s not so bad if he can make bins and put the wood there or put it up on racks… That way at least its neat and tidy.
          I collected scrap for a while but now I just have a box I use, when its full it gets weighed in.
          My outhouse is tiny and I really can’t hold much at all in there!

              1. Nope. Ha ha! We then filled it with a tree we had to chop down and mill. Ha ha. But I can walk around in it so that’s a step in the right direction! Our next task is to sell it and make things for our home and sell other things we create. Even working on another Etsy shop for it all! It’s a beautiful white alder!

                1. You do your own woodworking too? Awesome!
                  I hope it goes well for you. And I hope at some point you get your garage back… Or you turn it into a full time workshop! B-)

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