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A day at the Not-Races

Sunday morning saw me and my better half at Nostell Priory, again. Yeah, we go there a lot, it’s a nice walk and there is always something to see even if it’s just the squirrels in the menagerie and the cows on the vista! B-)

Because this is autumn, my least favourite season, you do tend to see more fungi. So being a man who looks down a fair bit I saw a few… And being someone who takes his phone with him all the time, I took a few snaps!

This was the first fungi I found. Not sure what it is… It could be ‘Glistening Ink Cap’ (Coprinellus micaceus). So safe to say I didn’t munch on it, that must have been something else!
I think I found another one growing on a tree. It might not be though, I find fungi very difficult to ID.




Later on in the Menagerie we came across a very nice Acer losing it’s deep red coloured leaves. This pic doesn’t do it justice, it was RED!





At the base of the tree was another fungi. These were actually quite big, Those caps were a good 2 inches across. Possibly Armillaria Honey Fungus.




No need for the Googlebox this time. This is definitely Fly Agaric (Amanita muscaria). OK… I needed to Google the latin name but I did know the common name. B-)
This one is a psychotropic and although slightly poisonous they can be carefully cooked and eaten.


These three were just the ones I noticed while wandering around. There was a structured fungi walk at Nostell Priory just days before I was there. Typically I forgot all about it until it was too late.

And a small thing. For as long as I have been going to Nostell I have wondered what this plant was. A close up of it here.
Well I finally worked it out and to be honest I’m a bit embarrassed about it. It’s Evening Primrose. *sigh*


5 thoughts on “A day at the Not-Races

  1. Fungi are difficult to identity. I took scores of pictures of them while we were camping and now I’m finding they have traits you can’t see in photos that are needed to tell exactly what they are.

    1. Yeah. There are a few fungi where you have to know what you are doing to ID them!
      Also the fact that some fungi will give you a wonderful meal, some will make you see pink elephants and some will vary between making you wish you hadn’t eaten it and some will put you in a wooden box!
      So you better get it right!

      Also… Fungi is NOT the bit we see. The bit we see is only the fruit of the fungi… HOW AWESOME IS THAT!?

  2. I haven’t been to Nostell Priory for at least five years. Must get NT membership again and go there with fresh eyes.

    Got no idea about identifying mushrooms. I just avoid unless bought from a shop. I can hardly believe that big red one can be eaten after careful handling and cooking.

    1. According to the Google, many fungi can be eaten. But far too many cannot.
      Don’t take chances!
      You don’t need NT membership to get in, you can just pay at the gate.

      1. Yes, but then I would have to pay each time…. we like the adventure playground a lot and I keep promising we’ll get membership to enjoy it 😊. There’s also a good playground at Belton House near Grantham which is great for when visit my parents, so we would definitely get value for money that way.

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