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Budding for Spring

I’ve stated before that autumn is not my favourite time of the year. The reduction of the visible life is all around me. The leaves falling, the annuals dropping their seeds and then dying.

I understand all this. I also understand at this time of year, the abundance of the other life forms leaping into the forefront. Fungi (mushrooms), and the amazing amount of wildlife that lives on the decaying matter that autumn brings us.

Another side that I rarely acknowledge is that autumn is important as the colder weather is a trigger to set up for the next year. Many plants put a huge amount of energy into buds. And a walk around my garden the other day gave me a VERY strong hope for a good year next year.

Last year’s winter was so incredibly mild that I barely saw any buds forming. But this year has been VERY good already.

Lets start with my Red Robin Photinia (Photinia x fraseri). Lots of growth points and after a year with only one trim I’m hoping it puts on some weight next year.




Next up is the Winter Jasmine (Jasminum nudiflorum). It looks like the flower buds are REALLY thick. Hopefully it will give a good show with a lot of growth to follow it.




This is my Azalea. I have no idea what kind of Azalea it is… It may not even be an Azalea.  But it has nodules that I think are growth points and they are all over the place!




The Euonymus (This one is the “Euonymus japonicus Gold Queen”) is also showing an AMAZING amount of buds, almost on every leaf node!
BTW, side note… I really need to prune out all the spurs with Variegation loss next year. This one is getting to the point where there are more plain spurs than variegated. Not good. B-)


Next up is my wonderful wall tree. Yes… Wall tree… It’s the tree that was growing out of the wall on my outhouse. It turned out to be a Goat Willow (Salix caprea) and I was really glad it survived being extracted from the wall.
I got nearly no growth out of it this year, just a few leaves, but with all these buds I’m hoping that it will leap ahead next year.


The Cherry tree (Prunus) did very nicely this year, lots of growth, and if it wasn’t for the aphid attack it would have been sparkling. As it was it still did really well. I’m really happy to see the branches heavy with buds. Will it produce flowers? I doubt it, it may still be a bit immature for that, but I have been known to be wrong. Just ask my wife! B-)
I Googled a bit and these seem to be leaf buds. Flower buds tend to be in clusters?


My Pieris. I have talked about this plant already this year. It is really heavy with flower buds, more than I have EVER seen on this plant. I’m guessing that last years mild winter triggered something in it. Either that or it REALLY likes it’s present home. Either way, we are doing well.



And finally.

My Camellia. The year before last it had a real bad time with aphids and didn’t produce any flowers. Last year it had a few buds but they were all late and then they all came forward when that last frost hit us so I only got two or three blooms. This year we are really cooking with gas. Flowers and leaf buds already in place and looking good and fat. Not only that but there are loads of them too, not every node has both but there are enough of each to make me a happy chap.

After all this all I need now is for the winter to play ball and for spring to not do anything silly… Who am I kidding? LOL!


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