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Of Plants and Ponds

So I had a little time in the garden this morning in between the rain showers. Did a couple of odd jobs. I also noticed something, but I will show that in another post, probably tomorrow.

I trimmed back my Aquilegias. I actually trimmed them both back but I only took photos of my oldest one. The centre growth is really thick now. At almost 10 years old I’m wondering if I need to take it back even more. Can you take them to the floor?

Although there is still quite a few good growing points in there.

I also now have 2 separate water-lilies in my pond. Plus whatever that seedling is by my thumb! B-)
They finally cut the connection between the parent plant and the, now, orphan. I didn’t want to cut the connection myself. I know the orphan has a good root structure but I didn’t want to tempt fate and cut it myself. Not that the link is dead I tidied it up and moved it a little.

I also took some time to move the stone stack in my pond and lift up the pump onto a proper ledge. Don’t forget that as we get into the colder months any fish will need a warm area at the bottom of the pond to sleep in. If you don’t and the whole pond gets too cold they could potentially freeze. If you lift the pump it will only circulate the upper water and trap a warmer layer of water at the bottom. Don’t worry about gasses or anything like that. As it gets colder the decomposition all but stops. As long as the top doesn’t freeze solid you should be fine.

I also found these little critters while moving the stone stack. They were literally munching on decomposing material. I can only think they are the aquatic version of woodlice!

BTW, water was cold! >.<

I also noticed that my Osteospermum and Aubretia have really put some weight on this year. Not a single flower on the Osteo though, but loads of green. I can only expect good things from them next year.


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