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And now to a bit of a rant about working on a garden in a council house on a council estate that has had past tenants who just didn’t care.

Why do people feel the need to use the garden as a dumping ground? It just makes everything FAR more difficult and possibly dangerous for the next person to work it.

Case in point.
The above pic was the amount of glass and general rubbish I found in the small space I dug out for my seasonal bed.

Now, the bricks/rocks are not that surprising. What is surprising, even though by now it shouldn’t be, is the amount of broken glass I dug up. It seems that every time I move even a trowel full of soil I have to pick out a piece of broken glass, ceramic or generally something sharp and dangerous.

Why do people throw rubbish in gardens? I get that crisp packets or little bits of litter can get picked up by the wind, fair enough. But glass? No. That was either put there or thrown there. That was NOT accidental.

Why, people? WHY?!

I guess I just don’t get humans. >.>


20 thoughts on “Ranting…

    1. Nah… This is old bottles and the like. I know its bottles because of the shape and the fact that it often has the bottoms of the bottle nearby. That is a usual give away. B-)

      My main rant is the sheer amount of it. I find it EVERYWHERE. I can go to almost any part of my garden, turn over a patch of soil and find a piece of glass.


      Not that I am bitter or anything. B-)

      1. OH NOOOO – YOUR HOUSE IS BUILT ON A DUMP SITE – EEEEKKK!!! (LMAO!!) Actually there is a whole section of homes in SW Denver that I watched them cover the old dump and build the homes – GUESS WHAT – after about 10 years, the homes were sinking – hahahahaha – IDIOTS!!! Guess some people just do not understand composting. OR – you just have nasty people that toss their trash into your yard (you have my permission to get a paint ball gun and use it on them!! hee hee)

        1. Actually our house is built on top of a coal mine. Our village was built here because it was where the office workers and foremen and the like lived. The general workers lived in the other village about a quarter mile away on the other side of the pit.

          I think that because the grass has grown over the top of it all its been here for a while. At least the previous tenant… Maybe the one before that.

          And I don’t have a paint ball gun… I have an axe though?

    1. Having seen a couple of recent builds when I worked at Kirklees Council I swear the soil is actually just building rubble mixed in with 3″ of top soil.

      Even so… These houses are pre- 1900… That should all be gone. This rubbish is recent. >.>

  1. Sounds like previous tenants to me, though it beggars belief that anyone would do this in their own back garden. What state was your garden in when you acquired the house?

    1. completely overgrown, no sign that the previous tenant had cared.

      When I cut the grass down the first time I found a half buried motorbike.
      I also found loads of scrap wood and general rubbish thrown out of the house at some point.

      Yeah… Typical council house. B-)

        1. It’s a council estate in an old coal mining village. Up until about 10 years ago the parts of it that wasn’t privately owned, were really run down. I had to drag mine up with lots of hard work to make it basic.

          Thankfully the previous tenants hadn’t tried to do any landscaping. That could have been scary!

          1. Mm, undoubtedly!!!

            Maybe they’d got wind of hugelkuktur and somehow misunderstood 😕. (If I move from my house before the beds have decomposed, the new occupants might think the same as thing about me….. one set of neighbours certainly does!)

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