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Amaryllis Wrap Up

It’s that time of the year where my Amaryllis falls over and practically starts snoring where it lands.

So after noticing that the leaves had finally yellowed off I trimmed off the last of them, cleaned up the dried off outer layers and wrapped them up, still in their pots, in newspaper to keep them safe.

Now with them wrapped I put them in a dark place in my outhouse where it stays cold but doesn’t freeze, even though it really feels like it has at times!

Now, if it follows form they will stay there till mid January, and I will start checking for any signs of life. When I see something or we get to the end of January, I will take them out, unwrap them and separate the double into two pots.

Finally I will give them a good drink and hope that they actually get a flower out next year without getting knocked over by the cat! >.>



10 thoughts on “Amaryllis Wrap Up

      1. Well my Earthbox tomatoes were a flop. They went to blight rather quickly after starting out beautiful and strong. I’m never growing tomatoes in the Earthboxes again. I may try using 5 gallon paint buckets and using fresh sterile potting soil next year. I’m dumping the soul from both Earthboxes on my lily bed and my perennial flower bed and I’ll get new sol for my Earthboxes and just plants herbs in one and vine beans in the other.

        1. I’m glad you are not letting it slow you down.
          Ok… So that project didn’t work… There is no reason to not try something else!

          My tomatoes did the same thing. Apparently blight has hit quite a lot of plants this year. B-(

          I hope it works better next time.

          1. The farmer down to road sold huge beefsteak tomatoes for $1.00 each and my husband ended up buying a few a couple times a week. Now they are going out of season. It’s time for me to buy pie pumpkins before they are all gone.

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