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Jobs And Planting!

So today I finally managed to get outside to do some work!
Between the wet weather and the fact that for the last week I have been in college (And some of next week!) doing a small course to get my CSCS card. I can’t believe how many companies want it now. >.<

Anyway… So I got out into the sunshine.
I started off this morning by FINALLY cutting the grass. This will probably be the last cut of the year. It’s not really grown much since I last cut it almost a month ago. Only in a few small areas has it actually done anything. So I didn’t cut it too short, just a top-dressing really. I also trimmed up the edges and called that bit done.

I then moved to the job I have been trying to do for a while. I finished off my seasonal bed. Yeah. I’m going to call it the “Seasonal Bed”. It will just have seasonal plants in there, rather than using it as a herbaceous bed. This way I can tweak it and change plants as I like.


BTW… Before we start I have no clue why the blur is there. I can only think it was grease or muck on the lens. And seeing as how I didn’t check the images as I took them…. Erm… Yeah. you get what you get. Sorry about that. B-)

Anyway. So after last weeks job of making the bed, I finally got to fill it!
As you can see in the above, blurry, pic I started with the  White Pansies. These were bigger than the Violas so I used those as dots.


I then added in the “Lemon Blueberry swirl” Violas.


And finally the “Blackberry” Violas. I pretty much used these to fill in all the gaps where the other plants simply weren’t. The colour difference between them should work. I hope it does at any rate!



In the end it looked like this.

I’m hoping they will spread out a little. All the plants had REALLY good root systems and looked good and healthy. A shock as they are only cheap Homebase plants.
But as with everything in the garden, you can only put them in the ground and hope they do their best.

I then used the last of the Violas to plant around where the Lupins have been moved to in the front. Just a very simple planting on the cardinal points. Nothing special.

I had 4 Blueberry left after I did this so I just threw them into a bed off to the side. I didn’t see the point in throwing them out or anything.


I also went to plant in the Honeybells I got a while ago. I forgot all about them… Not a shock, really. But I had a little sad moment. It appears two of them have mould. Not good.

I checked the rest and they seemed ok. I planted 6 and dumped the 2 mouldy ones in the household bin, not the compost bin. If the Honeybells fail then no real hardship.

Oh… And I managed to absolutely SOAK my pants and boots. I was kneeling in the freshly cut grass and, like an idiot, I chose to wear my light boots rather than my leather steels! Oh well. B-)


5 thoughts on “Jobs And Planting!

  1. It’s such a pain when you take shots and realise too late that you should have checked when you’d just taken them!

    Anyway, in spite of getting wet, you must have a sense of satisfaction at getting your winter flowers in?

    1. Oh yeah!
      The bed is only small but I’m hoping that it will fill out.
      I’m actually going to use this as a trial. If it does as I hope then I may big a couple more.

      Oh.. And yes. I need to get into the habit of checking my photos better.
      Actually… I’m considering getting an actual camera rather than just my phone.

      1. Phones are convenient for photos but there is a lot more flexibility with a camera. If you write your posts on a computer then it’s easy to transfer the photos – I used to do this until my laptop became too slow to be really useable.

        1. I don’t use my phone to put posts together. I use my desktop for that. I usually transfer images from my phone to my desktop then put the images into my blog post then post it
          This would be no different if I started using an actual camera.

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