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Making My Bed

Yesterday morning I finally around to doing a little bit of gardening. It’s been quite wet here of late and I’m not really one for working in the rain any more if I can possibly avoid it! B-)
So with a break in the wet yesterday I actually went outside and did a job, well half a job, that I had been putting off for a while. I have been meaning to make another bed since I put those three round mini-beds in for my Lupins.

I started with marking out the edge. I went with a 4ft x 3ft. Not so big that it’s difficult to fill and not so small that there is really no point having it.
As you can see, it was a sunny morning when I started. The grass was wet but nothing too bad to work with.



I dug the grass out, turned the soil beneath over and levelled it off. This took a fairly long time, a lot longer than I anticipated. None of the clay clumps wanted to break down so I had to do it manually. I had to tread it, fork it and then tread and fork it again. Raking it all just seemed to make it angry. B-)
The soil you see in the barrow was still good, if heavy in clay, so I scattered it around in the borders. There is no point dumping it when it is perfectly fine in small doses somewhere else.
The sod I took off the top was scraped of extra soil and dumped on the veg patch to sit for a bit. In the next day or so I will give it another battering to get any more soil off and then dump the rest into my compost bin.

I was more than a little annoyed as to just how much clay I have in my soil so I added in a sack of the soil I had kept from after harvesting my potato crop. The soil in the ground itself will be more than rich enough in nutrients so I only added the compost to help condition the soil a little.


I dug in the compost with a large fork. I didn’t see the need in making it perfect to look at. The AMAZING amount of worms in there will do the rest of the job for me.


I then went around the outside edge with a set of edging shears to tidy it up I then kicked up the edges and called it a day. As I was taking the above picture the rain had started to fall again.


The next time I get some non-wet time I will see about finally putting in the flowers I got from Homebase last week. B-)


One thought on “Making My Bed

  1. I’ve been putting off doing work in the garden because of the rain, too. Then actually got a bit warm when digging myself yesterday.

    Great that you’ve got a new bed, anyway. Some colour for winter 😊.

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