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A Lucky Buy

So I was out for an interview today in Pontefract. But, because I was ridiculously early, because that’s just me all over, and it was market day, I decided to go for a wander. I looked at a few stalls selling the usual stuff and one that had plants. Mostly it was bedding plants, a couple of roses… You get the drill, normal stuff.
They also had a box of… Well, other stuff. A Kalanchoe that was in NO fit shape for anything but the compost bin. A few palms and a small box of cacti and succulents. After a rummage through I found two that were not too bad and I liked the look of.


When I saw them they were untagged and, well to be honest in a bit of a bad shape. But they were 50p each (70 cents?) so I can’t really argue. And, without beating my own drum, I do quite well in bringing plants back from the brink, so I put my money down and bought them! B-)

So what do we have?


My first thought was that it’s an Aloe, maybe Aloe Plicatis (Fan Aloe). While it doesn’t quite look like the ones on Google, I’m fairly sure it is.
If it’s not then it could be a member of the IMMENSELY big  Crassula family. Possibly Crassula Falcata. (Propeller plant). My problem is that it’s very underweight. It also has a number of bad leaves that look like they have frost damage. That is  what is giving me problems identifying. But after saying that I do think it’s salvageable.


This is the next one.
This wonderful piece is most definitely the awesomely named Pachypodium lamerei (Madagascan Palm). It has tiny spines on it’s trunk. Sharp as hell, so I will have to be careful!

Click Me!

How awesome is that?!
Just like with the plant above, this one also has some cold damage. It also looks like it has not been turned in a while, you can clearly see a few of the leaves have curled to find the sun, but that should fix itself over time with a little TLC and light management.

The pots for both plants are in good shape and they both have fairly good medium in them, albeit very much on the dry side. I’m considering giving them water even though we are getting into what they would expect to be the dormant time of the year. I don’t think it will be THAT much of a problem as long as I allow the soil to properly dry out between times.

The other good point is that both plants have undamaged growth points. One plant I was looking at had damage on its growth point. I discarded that one instantly. I don’t mind taking a chance with some plants but if the growing tip is damaged then it could seriously affect what happens in the future. At least these plants will, if nothing else, grow from here in in better circumstances.

Now I just need to buy a new window for them to sit in! B-)


17 thoughts on “A Lucky Buy

    1. I picked them because I think they should be OK.
      I have learned enough about plants to know the worst problems and to avoid any plants with those.

      Some problems can be super simple to fix though. Watering is often the biggest problem for shops and stalls and that is the easiest to fix! B-)

      1. I often get orchids on the super cheap because they weren’t cared for, or not in bloom. Got one for 50 cent! It’s a lovely wee thing, still going years later. Hubby sometimes brings me home things that I’d have left behind – disaster with all the daisy’s he brought home, they had some awful disease.
        I’m also not above taking broken branches or seed pods when I find them on the ground at a garden shop 🙂

        1. I’ve done that before but I have a black thumb when it comes to seeds. B-(

          I don’t mind fails if they are in the rescue me area. Sometimes what looks like a simple fix can turn out to be FAR WORSE when you get it home.
          But you can get some AWESOME bargains.

                1. Often… Sometimes they will just fall over. I had no idea why they all just fell over.
                  I can only wonder if they got too hot.
                  I just gave up at that point. Now I only do seeds if they can go outside.

                    1. no no…. Fall over = dead.
                      I’ve had so many seeds just sit there and do nothing. Whole packets of seed with nothing to show. B-(

                      Like I said… Black thumb for seeds.
                      Maybe it’s a see-saw… I can do revivals but not births!

  1. The first is aloe looks a bit dry but still good. We have a couple of wild ones on our land. Never saw the other-how wicked-spikes on the stem?!? We have loctus trees that have 2″ spikes on the branches. Hate when I now to close to it😬. We save sad plants from stores every chance we get. Also got some great treesn bushes from auctions. I love bargain hunting(or ad we like to call it-junking😁😁)

    1. I thought it was aloe… I was just a little unsure because the leaves DO look dry and thing. Aloe leaves tend to be a little… erm… pudgy?
      Something like what a succulent would. But these don’t… Hence my confusion.

      I’ve never been to a plant auction before. O.o

      1. It is actually a Farm auction(we r rural area) but a lot of green house growers(even from other states) bring their larger plants here when they r not selling locally. We get a sale price, they get to move inventory. At out auction ,every Sept. Is the “Old Iron” sale – lots of antiques😄😄

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