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Look What I Found?!

So I was messing around in the veg patch, or what’s left of it, and found this…

I can’t believe it!

But I really annoyed that with all those flowers there is only one fruit? B-(


9 thoughts on “Look What I Found?!

  1. I know the feeling! I had eight possibilities on my pumpkin (the only on that thrived/survived). One was picked too soon and that leaves one which might grow to something of note.

    I think the plants only have enough energy for one fruit on the whole. I hope you enjoy yours, anyway.

  2. My pumpkin vine was pretty substantial but only one fruit! On the other hand, my bush butternut squash were more compact but each had 7-9 or so each. But they were small. Maybe yours will get nice and big because it’s got a whole plant devoted to it.

    1. I can only hope… But now I know it’s there I can keep an eye on it.
      It’s held up off the floor so I think it shouldn’t need help at all unless its likely to drop to the ground at some point?

      Anyway… I’m really happy! B-)

  3. Have you ever tried “pinching off”? We do it here a lot!! When your vines start to get too long for your space – WATCH WHERE THE FLOWERS ARE – then pinch off your vine(s) just beyond them. This stops your plant from putting to much energy into the vine and directs it into growing bigger/better/more fruit/veg. works every time you just need to keep a close eye on your vines. When you pinch off a line – another may try to compensate – just keep pinching. You will get more/bigger stuff next time!
    That being said “CONGRATS ON YOUR CROP!!” 🙂

    1. It’s this the same as pinching tomatoes? So pinch the growing tip and side shoots once it has set so many flower spikes?
      What happens when you only our two fruit? Is that all you *will* get?

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