Walnuts and Onions, Oh My!

This morning in the garden saw me doing a few little jobs, mainly  weeding, a little light pruning and some general tidying. With it being autumn most of my plants are winding down and so the amount of mess in increasing.

I also have one bigger job. I wanted to repot my Walnut tree. Now, I have to admit that the Walnut didn’t actually need to be repotted because it was pot bound. No, it was because the damn thing keeps falling over!
I know it’s not the best time of year but so far it has fallen over just about every day. No matter where I put it or anything I manages to catch the wind and throw itself at the floor.



The pot you see in the above pic is one I made up from soil from my compost bin, topped off with a little bit of soil taken from an old pot that has been sat around doing nothing.


So I took it out of its pot and had a check on the soil. All good. Note that it’s not pot-bound, and in it went.


The plant is now sat beside my rapidly reddening Blueberry, in a sheltered area.
Yes, in this pic it is leaning at a slight angle. No matter how I tilted it in the pot I just couldn’t get rid of it. So I turned it a little in the hopes it straightens itself out.

Fail on my part. *sigh*


One other thing I noticed today. One of my spring onions that I left in the ground has re-sprouted! O.o
Not sure what to think or do with that one. There is only 2 in the ground so I’m not worried about ‘losing’ it. Maybe it will grow even bigger?
Maybe I will grow my own Triffid. My plans for world domination come together!
*Insert maniacal laugh here*


3 thoughts on “Walnuts and Onions, Oh My!

  1. Our local garden ctr has foot long wooden stakes they are 1inch thick by 2inches wide…take something like this, cut notches in them tie a long cotton fabric strip from one stake to tree then a 2nd stake,tree, n 3rd. Then pound stakes in ground like a tripod. Keeps the little tree straight strong n tall. FYI don’t use string-it can cut the little tree.😂

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