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That One Precious Moment

I was working on my pond this morning, I’ll have a post about just what I was doing tomorrow, but I just wanted to post this.


This guy hopped over from behind my pond and sat still on there for about 2 minutes just watching me. He then went for a little walk (hop) around at some of the things I have moved and changed.

In the end he dived into the water and I didn’t see him again. But for what it’s worth I think he was happy enough with what I was doing. Well, at least he didn’t complain too loudly. B-)


If ever you are working in and around a pond PLEASE be careful. Especially with established ponds. Wildlife will be everywhere and probably not where you are expecting.

  • Lift rocks with care, check when putting them down that something isn’t holding on underneath and DON’T DROP THEM!
  • Don’t simply roll rocks away from you without checking them first.
  • Take care to not drop any stones into the pond, this can really scare fish.
  • Be aware of where you put your feet if you are working by any beds. Any wildlife you scare from the pond could be hiding under leaves close by.
  • If you have to wash your hands at any time either don’t use soap or really take the time to rinse off all the soap afterwards. Soap tends to leave a sheen on your skin. If you ever put your hands in the water it may stay in the water, this could have a impact on any fish you have.



3 thoughts on “That One Precious Moment

  1. I loved this one Kal! A couple of years after we moved out to our little slice of heaven, I had to go out to the front yard – barefoot – to get something. The only light out there at the time was our porch light, which did not cover the whole path I had to tread. So, long story short, guess who stepped right on and squished a toad – not a baby but a biggie. So my word of advice is do it during daylight or don’t do it at all – eeewwwweeeewww Yucky!! LOL

    1. I can see that being…. Traumatic!
      I’ve had the crazy buggers leaping out of the pond at me and scaring me half to death… Not sure I would want to stand on one!

      Oh… And how long did you spend screaming? B-)

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