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Lifes Lemons: An update

Back in June of this year I made this post about my lemon plants. I was curious about light and how it was affecting the growth.

Well, we are now at the end of September and I thought I would show you just how much of a difference has been made since then. Well… Quite a lot!

That was them all back in June. All quite small really.


What a difference!
Now, to give you a recap. The one on the left was the one left in the bathroom, direct light from sunrise and through the early morning but in a room that is bright with indirect light all through the day.
The middle one was the one kitchen, direct light late morning to mid afternoon with only a little indirect light and the room is not as light as the bathroom.
The one on the right is the one in my room, North facing so no direct light at all and while the room is fairly light there is obviously nothing like enough to keep it going.

One thing I have to point out is that ALL the plants were given the same amounts of water and feed. The only difference is that the biggest one had to be repotted. This may have boosted the growth, but I don’t think it was that much of a boost. Neither of the smaller two are root bound like the biggest one was.

All the plants produced new growth. Strangely however, only the plant in the kitchen actually produced a side branch. The biggest one had a branch but didn’t seem to do anything with it. The main stem was definitely favoured.

Now, I knew that indirect light was important to plants… But seeing that the Lemon plant on the left really only got indirect light…. Lots of it in this case, it really has leapt ahead.

One curious thing I should point out here. While the one in my room is the smallest and showed, by far, the least amount of growth it does have the darkest green leaves and definitely has the strongest lemon smell followed by the one in the bathroom. The one in  the kitchen had the lightest smell. Not sure what to make of that?
Also, the smallest one has no spines at all while the biggest one could be used to kill people! Yes, those spines are SHARP!

Now… I know that some plants will just plainly do better than others, sometimes in spite of their circumstances. But I don’t think this is apparent here. The abundance of even indirect light has a vast impact on plants. So, lesson learned. Pick your spots for your plants. Or rather pick the plants for your spots. Not all plants will thrive in certain positions. Light, heat and moisture levels should be noted before choosing your plants.

Now I’m just wondering if any of the lemon plants will produce flowers… And possibly fruit? They may well be a little junior for that yet. B-)



5 thoughts on “Lifes Lemons: An update

    1. Honestly I don’t know.

      Some places think that between 2 and 5 years can produce.

      But this will depend on so many factors. Considering the test I did this year, where I almost intentionally put a real dent in the growth of 2 of them, I don’t think I will be able to follow that target. Maybe the bigger one will… Who knows?

      And only then if my lemon actually *IS* a Meyer Lemon that is… Just because I paid for a Meyer doesn’t mean I *got* a Meyer. >.>
      Maybe I am being pessimistic in this… But hey, ho!

      One thing I will need to do is to repot them… A LOT. Apparently root systems are far more important for fruiting trees than foliage trees. And I will need to keep an eye on the medium too.

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