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Autumn bulb buying

And so it starts.

Autumn, more specifically September, is the time of year where spring bulbs get bought and planted. The ground is still warm enough that it is workable and the bulbs will have enough time to get on with growing roots ready to start pushing up in Spring.

Last year I bought a few things. nothing special… This year will be no different for any real degree. I don’t have a lot of bulbs in the ground yet… But I have STARTED many small clumps. I’m going for a cheaper method of starting small in lots of areas and hoping they will spread on their own rather than purchase a LOT of bulbs to flood an area on the first year only to have overcrowding issues the second.

I don’t have a lot of money so I need the bulbs to multiply and spread out naturally. So far it has worked. My Daffies are responding well in the two years I have had them but I have yet to see what the bulbs I bought year before last, my Uva-vulpsis, Crocus and the Glory of the snow,  have done. We shall see that this coming spring.

So… Have I bought anything this year? Funny you should ask that, not that you did or anything… I bought these.




Honeybells (Nectaroscordum Siculum) are members of the Allium family and so need full sun and deep planting (12″ deep). Not really sure where I will put them… In fact, thinking about it, this would be a great excuse for me to make that new square bed I was talking about in one of my latest blogs and put them in there.

After looking at the bulbs I’m actually surprised they will grow so big. The bulb is only small. Barely an inch in diameter. Unless it puts some serious weight on I don’t know how it will hold up growing a meter in height. O.o
Also… at £2.50 for 8, it seems it’s not as good a bargain as I had hoped.

I’m also going to be buying a few other plants for autumnal planting. I would love a couple of Peonies. A nice red colour would be nice. Something like this. These two, plus another, taller plant would then be the main structure of the new bed. What that centre plant will be is a mystery at the moment. I’ll have to go to a garden centre and have a look.

I’m also going to look for some other plants to buy. Convallaria majalis (Lily of the valley), Freesia (If I can mulch with straw these may do well outdoors?) and perhaps some Nerine bowdenii (Bowden Lily).

Now I know that both the Bowden lily and the Freesia need to be planted in the spring, but I can still buy them now FOR spring. Any others can be planted as and when I get them.

I smell a garden centre trip in my future!


5 thoughts on “Autumn bulb buying

  1. I bought lily of the valley in the summer and thought, when it didn’t appear, that perhaps it was because I got it from a pound shop. Does it appear/flower in the spring then?

    The honey bells look interesting – never heard of them before.

    Glory-of-the-snow should spread like wildfire. I don’t even know where mine came from, just appeared two years ago. I’ve transferred a clump to the front garden but I expect the back garden will still be full of it next spring!

    1. I have heard that Lily of the Valley can be a real pain to grow from seed. Splitting an established clump is the easiest and best way… Seeds tend to be very hit and miss.

      The honeybells just look like a cross between Agapanthus and Allium.

      My Glory of the snow didn’t do much this year… They put in about 5 mins of show then went back to bed. The problem is that this winter was a non-starter so they may not have gotten the cold time they needed to get a wiggle on. Hopefully this year will be better.

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