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Autumn? I Think not!



As I type this it’s the 13th of September… We should be looking to the start of Autumn. But Britland is looking at having the warmest day of the year so far. Unless this is a swan song for a rather warm summer then we may be in for another weird winter. I’m not sure I could handle that again!


Already in my garden I’m seeing cooler loving plants coming through. In the above pics are my Muscari pushing up already. Seriously, on the hottest day of the year I’m taking photos of Muscari…? How does that work? O.o
I actually had to look at my Blueberry to see if the leaves had turned red yet! (It isn’t, BTW) B-)

Now, am I being a little carried away? Yes, yes I am. But that’s ok.
Last year was a freak happenstance. We didn’t actually get a proper winter. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if we get a sharp drop in temps after this Indian summer. With luck it will bring with it a bit of wet and a nice cold winter. That way we can have a great spring where it pushes plants awake after a good, long, richly deserved rest. Because this year I don’t think too many of my plants actually got a good sleep. I still had grass growing in early December and my Daffies were up in Feb.

Oh well… On we go. B-)


8 thoughts on “Autumn? I Think not!

    1. Well… We have had quite a nice winter… Although last autumn, winter and spring kind of mushed themselves up, summer was quite nice.
      Now all we need is a bit of calm cooling and a little bit of a freeze. Is that too much to ask for?

      If climate change does see this trend happen then we will have to deal with a lack of a winter. I guess this will mean digging certain bulbs up?

      HOWEVER…. You may find you can leave your Gladioli bulbs in the ground. B-)

    1. I have seen a few raspberry plants with fruit. If it’s an autumn variety you may well have had a second flush.

      But my blueberries are still a strong green… Not even a hint of changing colours. O.o

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