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Moving The Lupins

I mentioned the other day that I may well need to move some Lupins. Well… Today I did just that. Ok… I only moved 3, but those were the bigger ones.

And it was oh so typical that I decided to do it on the hottest day of the year so far. Not only that but I started doing other things and only remembered to start at 11 am… Well. Done. Me. >.>


I began by carefully digging out the Lupins from the back. Now I knew that Lupins tend to make large and semi delicate roots, but I really got a shock when I saw the ones I pulled up. The one above is the smallest of the three.


I then went into the front and dug three holes for them. In the above pic you can see just how high my clay table is. What is that… 2 inches from the top? Luckily the Lupins don’t mind clay-y soil, they do rather well in the back which has pretty much the same kind of soil.


So… 3 holes, 3 plants. I back filled the holes after putting in the plants and we have the above. Not bad. I was absolutely drenched in sweat when I was done. That clay was a pain to break up! I must say though that the top inch or so of soil below the sod line was in a lot better condition than I expected. Far better than the soil at the back. Not sure why that was… But it was!


This is how the garden looks from the window. I may dig another trench where I drew it in. Maybe put a few plants in there… Just to break up the large open space I have.

I don’t use the lawn area at all… For anything. I’d love to turn it into an area for planting veggies but the local kids and dogs would stop that idea at the outset!


I moved the Lupins out of their original home so that I could allow the Cordyline to expand. I also want to allow access to the area at the back of the garden, where all the weeds are creeping in from.


Not only that but I want to move the filter for my pond. I also want to expand the pond area along the back. At the moment the filter flows into a small 10 x 12 inch mini-pond. It’s that mini-pond I want to expand. This will mean moving the filter to the right, where Gregor sits now, and using that whole stretch at the back for the run. And having the water flow into the pond from the left of the picture.

Oh the joy of hopes and dreams!

BTW… Is “Clay-y” even a word? O.o



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