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Well… This is what came to mind last month when I noticed that I had cleavers and brambles growing in from the area out the back of my garden.

You see… I only have a marginal ‘boundary marker’ fence at the back of my garden. Solid fence the other two sides, but nothing solid at the back. Not only that but after what I now see as an ‘Ooops’ moment, I have no real way to GET to the intruders to deal with them… *sigh*

So fast forward to today and the featured image at the top is what I was met with. So, with the Lupins now ripe for decking I decided it was time to do something about it. I wanted to take the Lupins down to the ground, pull up the miscellaneous weeds and deal with the vines pushing their way in.


First off… Serious business time!
You know it’s serious when I lace up my boots. Normally I just wear them like the one on the left is. but today I actually tied them… Mainly because I didn’t want to take a misstep and end up in the pond. >.<

So. I went to work…The Lupins went as did the weeds and almost all the vines pushing their way in. Another problem that I have found is that I can’t actually get to the back any more where the Euonymus japonicus is.

Oh… Isn’t today going well? </Sarcasm>



This is what the area looks like now. You can see at the back that I didn’t clear all the brambles out. Still a couple there. I’ll deal with them when the weather improves.

I also spent a while digging up weeds around the garden. I also cut down the now finished Fennel and Eryngium. I was going to take a photo… I did actually try to take one but it started lightly raining, not enough to stop work but enough that rain drops landing on the screen would trigger the camera… ARGH! B-)

With the new knowledge that I have made a mistake I may well want to move a few things around back there. I may also prune the tree a little to encourage some new growth closer to the ground. It is getting kinda out of control back there!

Not only that but I may move some of the Lupins to the front. Maybe in small (tiny) beds cut into the lawn. Big enough for one or two plants plus some smaller plants at the base… Maybe some sweet smelling Alyssum?




17 thoughts on “Encroachment

  1. Hey Kal, I wanted to apologize for insulting you or possibly hurting your feelings in the past when I had the “Thanks for Pointing the Out!’ blog. Happy gardening.

    1. I don’t recall any insults…. If I don’t remember them then they can’t have been taken as insulting from me. Why did you think you had done?

      Anyway… Just in case, apology accepted. Any past issues are now in the past, forgiven and forgotten… Quite literally, probably!

      I will also put an open offer of a cup of tea… But seeing add you are a few thousand miles away you will have to pay for the dates to collect. B-)

      I wish WordPress had a private messaging system. >.>

    1. I can climb over… But what can I do? I don’t want to weed kill it. Strumming it back 5 feet would be a mammoth task and the owners won’t want to touch it either.

  2. You could try a small container of vinegar and salt. place it in a secure spot on the ground (tie or stake it there to avoid it spilling) then place a couple of the ends of the nasty invader in the container. Let it absorb for a day or 2. With the size of the thing, I don’t think it would completely kill it off, but it should slow it down and maybe back off a bit. Just something to think about.

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