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Amaryllis Update

It’s now the beginning of September. Autumn is here, the nights are closing in and my Amaryllis are stating to settle down to sleep. The leaves are already starting to droop and I have found that yet again possibly my favourite indoor plant has done itself proud.


The two bulbs I split last year has split itself again through this year. Amazing! I was hoping that when I saw two sets of growth last year that it would do this… And it has! \o/

With luck I will have to split it again when it loses it’s leaves. Or maybe in the spring. This means that every year I have had a new bulb. Not a bad return from the initial purchase!


Not only that but the pup I got from that splitting is already showing signs of growing a new bulb!  O.o
You can see in the pic above the growth line where the new bulb is growing from. Definitely a firm line there.

This does bring up a question though. Will the initial bulb have a certain shelf life? It’s spawned 2 bulbs now. Will it start to slow down or will it last a few seasons longer? I’ll have to do some research on that one. The problem is that I will have to make a note of which is the oldest bulb!

Also… How can I possibly put these bulbs in a clay pot? Every time it splits it dramatically deforms the plastic pot it’s in and yet everyone says the plant likes to be rather confined in it’s pot. If I used a brittle pot, either earthenware or terracotta, it would either shatter the pot or deform the bulb as it grows. If anyone has a suggestion on this I’d like to know because I would love to put it in a nicer pot but I won’t if it means lots of wasted money.

Also I’m thinking of getting another Amaryllis to compliment it. This one is a Strawberries and cream kind so maybe a darker one would be nice?

Maybe this Red Pearl or this Black Pearl? I think I would prefer the black over the red…


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