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Gathering Allium Seeds

One of my typical problems is that I tend to forget to do jobs. Today it was the collection of seeds that I remembered.


I noticed that an Allium head was laying on a leaf when I remembered that I wanted to collect some seeds to see if I could grow them at a later them.

So after I brought the seed head in I carefully pulled off when seeds were still on the dried head. I’m hoping that they will still be viable. I can’t see why not?

According to the RHS site I should plant them as soon as possible, or I can keep them in the fridge… Knowing my memory I’m probably better planting them now! So tomorrow I will get on with that. I’ll probably sow directly into a planter rather than try for seed trays. As it mentions on the linked RHS page it will take some time for the seeds to get to the point of flowering and that’s fine, this is more a trial to see if I can do it. When it comes to seeds my thumb is decidedly on the not-green side!

BTW… I may be alone here but when the seed head is dried it does look rather pretty! B-)


8 thoughts on “Gathering Allium Seeds

    1. There will be natural fail rates, but I could never alter that. But they were also on the flower head a lot longer than they possibly would normally be. This may have a negative impact?

      1. Going on seed I’ve saved from other things, I don’t know that being on the flower head longer than normal would have an impact. If seeds were that fragile, how would nature perpetuate itself?

          1. No, I wouldn’t think so. I put my seeds in the airing cupboard and the seeds are fine. Now, I’m no expert but I think cold and damp would be far worse.

    1. I scared about losing stuff. My Amaryllis nearly got forgotten about last year. It was only because someone else did a post about theirs that I remembered mine!
      I feel I need to write a list somewhere only I’m scared of putting it down and…. Yeah….Forgetting it. *sigh* B-)

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