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Onion Harvest

I only spent a couple of hours out in the garden today. It was a little too warm for me and I was still tired from work yesterday. Never the less I got a chance to get out into the garden and I had one job to get done. Onions!


As you can see the weeds had really gotten on to of everything. Not only that but the tomatoes on the right had managed to grow over the spring onions and the garlic. Not good!

You can see a few Onions among the weeds. Most turned out to be quite small but a few turned out nicely. Like the ones in the image at the top.


Not only did the onions came up but I pulled a few of the spring onions too. Those were just spectacular! The smell from the spring onions is amazing. FAR better than the normal onions and in a couple of instances the spring onions are bigger than the others!

The spring onions got a quick wash and are now in the fridge. I’m actually wondering if I had made a mistake pulling so many up at once. Oh well.

One thing I have learned today… Keep an eye on the tomatoes. They have a tendency to  spread out a fair bit! If I do tomatoes next time they will need to be kept to the side a bit more. Not allowed to go as they will.


Oh… And speaking of tomatoes spreading out and being rude… B-)


12 thoughts on “Onion Harvest

    1. Thank you!
      We used a couple of the onions in our tea tonight. Even though they don’t have much of a smell they have a much better taste than shop bought onions!

    1. These were a tour that creates a bulb. Normal shouting onions don’t have that bulb… I also left them in the ground longer than normal.
      No, I didn’t forget them… *innocent whistle* B-)

        1. A couple of them were still thin though. I’m wondering if I had placed a couple to close together.
          It’s all a learning curve!

          I left a few in the ground. God only knows how big they will get!

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