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Incredible Edible Wakefield

Today I went to my first Incredible Edible Wakefield meeting. The meeting I’m going to is the one in Agbrigg, there are a few all around Wakefield but this one is fairly close to me and they meet on Thursday mornings so the timing is perfect for me.

The first meeting wasn’t anything special. I signed some paperwork, cleared a pea bed and did a little tidying, someone else pulled up the last of the potatoes and the other people did watering and general weeding and picked some tomatoes and a couple of cucumbers. There were only 4 of us in all and to be honest there is only so much you can do in 2 hours.

We already know what we are going to do next time though and I know what I need to bring with me next time. We will be working on a soft fruit bed to clear back weeds and tidying a rampant blackberry!

I’m not sure if I will be able to take any pics and I didn’t want to broach the subject on my first visit. If they agree then I may put some in next time.

So huge thanks to Kitty, the lady in charge, and I’m rather looking forward to next week! B-)



8 thoughts on “Incredible Edible Wakefield

    1. For there? None.
      We don’t make plans… plans are made by someone else and we just do the jobs. I’m really only there to learn so I’m not making any decisions.
      The person in charge is an experienced allotment owner and knows all about doing things. We just do the work and enjoy the harvest.

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