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Garden Clearance:Part 3

Day 3. Today we were mainly clearing up.

We only had 3 real jobs left to do. Clear out the back of the greenhouse and the area behind the raised bed, where the shed used to be, and the clean up of the raised bit too.


The raised area was covered in Hypericum. So much so that it was growing out the sides. It all needed trimming back. Not only that he will need to stay on top of that to keep it all under control until it dies off… Which may take a while!


The detritus on the floor at the back of the garden must have been a good 3 inches thick in places. Probably near all from leaf fall from the trees at the back of the garden over the years, that and some wind blown stuff. It was all cleared up and bumped in either a compost bin or on top of the raised bit.
The above pic only shows one side, we never got a pic of the other side, behind the greenhouse, but you can guess just how bad it was!

My BiL pretty much did all this part on his own. It really came up well!

After that we went all through the garden and picked up stones, rocks and any other rubbish and got rid of it. I then gave the whole garden one last mow/shred/mulch and we were done. It was about 4pm-ish and we were all utterly shattered.


Me and the minion cleaning off my mower at the end of day 3. There is a huge difference between when we arrived and when we left.

Click here for a side by side of the start/finish pic.

So what happens now? Well… Talk about the epitome of the Tabula Rasa! Where he goes from here is up to him. We have taken it down to near nothing. I know he will be scattering grass seed over the bare parts and hopes to use the greenhouse next year. The soil in there will need improving a little, but in the majority it will just need water and a couple of bags of compost digging in.

My BiL has two big dogs so they need space to run around in, something they didn’t have with the mound, so an open grassy area would be good. Although I did tell him that he needs to mow more frequently!

I gave him some ideas but he isn’t a gardener so he may choose not to go there. That’s fair enough, it’s his garden.


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