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Garden Clearance: Part 2

To say I was tired was a joke. I had gone to bed at 8-ish the night before and woke at 8 the next morning. 12 hours sleep. sheesh!

So. 9 am. First things first, we checked the ashes in the old pond. It had rained overnight and it was all nice and cool. So on we went.

We did a little more with the jack hammer and then worked in a line along the right of the garden. We dug up all the roots and cleared the whole stretch to the back. We also pulled out old concrete edging slabs.


Then I tidied up the ivy I had missed at the back and shredded/mulched everything again. I really wanted to get it shredded so it would break down quicker in the summer heat.

Day 2 also saw the biggest problem. My BiL had hired a micro digger to help break that huge mound and fill in the pond area. Disaster. The site had advertised it as being only 70cm wide. Small enough to get through a standard door. Well… no. The bucket was bigger for a start. No big deal, we took that off… Oh no we wouldn’t because it was in there solid. It took us about a half hour of hammering to get the pins out to take it off.
Then we tried to get the thing through the door. Nope. Apparently it was advertised at 70cm wide… But it was actually 75cm… And the doorway was only 72cm.

It. Didn’t. Fit. >.>

So after spending another 10 mins putting the bucket back on and taking it back out to the trailer we had lost about 2 hours total of work time and then we were going to have to do it all by brute strength. To say we were miffed is an understatement. This was not what we wanted.
So after saying good bye to that idea we got on with the digging.


At one point we even gave the minion the jack hammer for a bit. LOL… Ok… No we didn’t. We carefully staged the photo and posted it to FB to see if anyone would fall for it. We had stopped for a drink and thought it would be a fun thing. Yeah, we were evil! B-)


Just after lunch we were at this point. WAY behind schedule!

The last of the pond surround was broken up and we were onto the mound. The mound used to be a waterfall for the pond and it had been there for about 30 years. It was really hard going. No word of a lie, the soil in it was like concrete. Not only that but it was full of rocks, boulders and what we though was old bits of a patio or something! It all had to come out and go in the skip. So not only were we digging it all up, we were barrowing it out too!
To say I did my 30 mins exercise that day was just beyond a joke!

We did have 2 good points though. Newts!
The first one we found we put in his next doors garden because they had a pond too, although that one had water in it. In all honestly I’d put fair money that was where they had come from.

The second one we found I decided to bring home. I popped him in an old ice-cream tub with a little water, a few rocks and some leafy greens and put it in a cooler area. I released him into my pond when we got home. With luck I will see him again at some point.

In the afternoon we continued breaking down the mound, gave the area behind the mound a strim and a mulching mow.



At the end of Day 2 we had the garden down to this.



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