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Garden Clearance: Day 1


So. Over the past couple of days I have been helping my Brother in Law with his garden. This was a major job. Above is how the garden looked late last year. I have to point out that most of the bigger greenery had been cut down and burned by the time we started on Tuesday.

So, on Tuesday after a 2 hour drive to his place we made a start. I wish I had gotten a photo of how it looked that morning… But I was so keen to get on with it that it completely slipped my mind. >.<

We started with the pond in the middle. You can’t quite see it in this pic but it’s just behind the pool. We started breaking up the outer part with a jack hammer. Not the easiest tool to use if you have never used one!

After about an hour we stopped as, one – It’s bloody heavy and two – my arms were REALLY feeling the vibrations. Now I know all about HAVs from when I worked at the council. You really don’t want to risk getting that, it’s not good!
So then I picked up a spade and started pulling apart one of the rockeries. I was sweating in the hot sun. The one thing I forget about gardening is that to get a garden under control or, as we were doing this time, stripping it is that it is so very much hot and hard work! In my garden is just maintaining and doesn’t really need any heavy work.

I did a bit more on the jack hammer for a half hour then stopped and trimmed all the ivy on the left. I then spent a little time mulching all the trimmed ivy with my mower. My BiL only has a small electric mower, nothing like good enough to deal with a garden that big so my mower was doing all the work. Not only that but because he doesn’t mow so often the grass is really thick and doesn’t want to be cut.


We then cut down the conifers at the back on the right, dug up a load of shrubs closer to the house on the right and dumped it all in the pond. We then ripped apart the old shed and piled that on top and burned the lot.

By the time we set the fire going it was just after 6pm. We had got there at about 10am and spent the rest of the day going at it.

Part 2 to follow.



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