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Hiatus,Things and OMG CROPS!

First off… I just want to apologise for my absence… I’d get a note from my mum but she would just laugh at me. Oh well, I suppose I’ll just have to wing it.

After working solid for 10 days at work with no day off I was in no position to do a lot in the garden. Then, after that I went and helped my brother-in-law with a HUGE garden job. More on that in another post. But that explains my 2 week silence… It doesn’t excuse it… But you at least know why.

Anyway… That is history. Moving on to this morning.
I finally get to spend some time in my own garden. First off I had to cut the grass. No… I didn’t take a pic of how bad it was… No cutting for 3 weeks will put a LOT of growth on my grass. Oh how embarrassing! I also edged and did a little weeding. Thankfully none of the normal weeds had established themselves. There is something to be said for regular weeding!

In the 3 weeks I seem to have missed so much!


The Echinacea I got from BloominBootiful finally put out some flowers, very nice to see. It’s a little shaded by the Cinerarea though… Next year I will trim that back to give the other plant a little more light.


My Hydrangea is flowering. It has very nice pink hue. This must mean my soil is lacking in aluminium or is more acidic. I prefer pinks to blues so I am very happy with this. If it starts to move to a blue colour I will have to do something about it. But for now I’m all good.


And finally my Coreopsis… Wow… It has NEVER had a good a show as this. It’s really settled into its new home. It’s done so well it’s actually pushed out a lavender!
I think I will give it at least one more year here before I split it. Let it get some good root structure in.

And the last part.

I am SO happy about this bit. When I last looked in my veg plot it wasn’t doing much. When I looked today all the potato plants had fallen over, obviously ready to be harvested.
SO I cleared off all the tops and pulled the bags out.

On the left is what I got from the first bag alone… On the right is what I got out of all 5!
In all about 10-15 pounds of potatoes. Not bad, eh? I have to say that I was VERY happy with it. Ok, it won’t get me through the winter or anything but it wasn’t a failure at all.


The only issue I had was one bag that had a couple of potatoes with some kind of… scab? on them. Should I throw them out? They didn’t look bad as such. It’s also only on the surface. I scratched off the skin and they were fine underneath.

I did learn a few other things from this… For a start there was a marked difference with the bags that had the potatoes that I cut in half and the ones that were planted whole. Also… 2 potatoes did NOT use up all the bags potential. I think I will put in 3 or 4 next time. There was a lot of unused room in there.
Also, my neighbour thinks that the fact that I didn’t water them regularly affected the crop. I could have far more if I had. Oh well, something to note for next time.



Also my Rhubarb is still growing well. Looking good for cropping next year. I swear those stems get redder by the day!


I also now have tomatoes coming along. last time I checked on them there was only flowers, now I have fruit! Awesome. B-)

And now a couple of little accidents I have to admit to.


Parsnips? I planted a row of them LONG ago but I didn’t see any come up. I was clearing a few weeds out of the veg plot and mistook this for a weed. *sigh*.


Next… While pulling out other weeds I managed to pull these up too. Well, at least I will have a couple of onions for tonight’s tea!

And with that…. I’m done. I’ll do a write-up of what I did at my Brother-in-law’s and post that over the weekend. It may have to be a couple of posts… I don’t know.

Have a great weekend, everyone! B-)



7 thoughts on “Hiatus,Things and OMG CROPS!

  1. Yes, you were missed. No don’t throw out the potatoes – you can scrape or peel that part off and they are edible. WOW – outstanding flowers! Only grew parsnips once, they need full sun, plenty of regular water AND, like carrots, and keep growing into late fall (cooler weather). If you are worried about a frost on them, throw on some grass clippings (you said you need to mow – save the clippings for a later date and re-sow your parsnips, should work!) over them. I have dug up carrots in the soil as late as November outside here. Nice to see you back!

    1. Thank you!
      Ok… I didn’t think the potatoes were bad as such. Obviously I should make a note that I had scab. If I get more then I may have an issue I need to deal with.

      I only had one parsnip come up… Which is why I thought it was a weed! So next year when I try again I’ll know what they look like and not leap into ripping stuff up! B-)
      As to using grass as mulch… I was warned away from that as rotting grass can get too hot for some crops? I’m up for being proved wrong… But that was what I was told. This is why I used grass clippings ONLY around the base of the potatoes and hay in other places.
      I have seen carrots that can stand the UK winter but normally they would need to be pulled before then.

      1. The farm where I buy my potatoes often has them with a scab that looks like this. I’ve never asked what it is but since they are selling them like that and I’m still alive I’ve not though much about it.

        I agree with your neighbour re watering the potatoes in bags, going on my experience but you still got a satisfying crop.

        Ten days work in a row – you must be ready for a break!

        1. I was covering for the mess up at work. And yes… I’m now on holiday for 2 weeks.

          I got a satisfying crop. Yes, it could have been better but its all about learning. B-)

  2. Your flowers have shorter stems than the same kind grown here… But look wonderful!. Potatoes grown in BAGS? never heard of it! It make’s harvesting easier I suppose, and are they organic? NO pesticides used? How about that onion with a black skin? looks like a shallot…

    1. Yes, in bags. It’s much easier to control the environment that way. I can use a fertilizer in just the right place if needed and I don’t have to worry about missed potatoes regrowing next year.
      Yes, they are also organic. I think… I used a blood, fish and bone fertiliser, but as far as I know its organic. No pesticides used at all.

      As to the flowers having shorter stems… Which one? The Coreopsis is the right height for its variety. But the Hydrangea is a rescue and is only small but the Echinacea is only on its first year… I don’t think I should have expected tons of growth yet on that one.
      And that black skinned onion is red. It’s a Red Baron B-)

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