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I finally did some cropping!


Yesterday I decided to have a look see at what my potatoes were doing. I turned out one of my 6 bags and got this. Ok… Not the best crop I have ever seen… But not bad. In all it was just a tap under 3 pounds in weight. One big potato and a mass of mids and a few tiddlers.


I also pulled up 4 spring onions. I didn’t crop the lot. I just pulled what I needed for a recipe. Even these 4 may be too much as they are MUCH stronger than shop bought ones. They are also a LOT bigger! I’m going to only use maybe the 3 smaller ones at first and see how it is.


Other than this I just wanted to add that my Rhubarb is really doing well. It may be my imagination but I swear I can smell it! I didn’t crop any of this. It’s just put in as an addendum!
Before you comment, yes… I have weeds. It’s amazing how fast they grow! I weeded them all off the week before last. >.>

The potatoes and the spring onions will be going into a dead simple recipe I will be posting on my other blog.


12 thoughts on “Crops!

      1. The potatoes looked fine to me. They’re also better than any crop I would get. Roots just don’t do too well in my soil. Not even radishes – I’ve got some lovely tops but the roots aren’t filling out.

        1. The potatoes were fine. I just wanted a larger amount of them!
          I used bags because I could control the soil they sat in. Also when they are in bags apparently the chance of slug damage is “lessened”… Not removed, Just less

          1. I see!

            I was actually referring to the amount: that does look a lot to me. I think bags need a lot of water. Do you think this could have been the issue?

            1. Possible.
              And if you look at the original vid I linked when I planted them you will see that he got about 10- 15 pounds each! But he did do 4 seed potatoes while I did two, cut up. That may have been an issue.

              Also. This bag has the least greenery on it. The others may be better.

                1. Could I? Yes… Will I? No. B-)

                  I’m going to strip the area, apart from the rhubarb, and turn it all over with a rotovator and add in a load of horse muck I managed to scrounge.
                  This way it gets to over winter with some good quality fertilizer and I get time to work out how to do it better next year.

  1. I just love your verbage to ours – hee hee – you say crop we say harvest. You say tiddlers we say minis. Cant see/tell how big your stalks are on the rhubarb – but its the perfect color for pulling time! We pulled a ton of ours in early June. Made a strawberry/rhubarb pie and froze the rest. Our 2nd crop is coming in nice, especially since we have grasshoppers from hell again this year. We use a natural pest control around the gardens, but the buggers will always sneak back in just as it wears off – grrr LOL Nice bunch a goodies ya got there Kal! Great job!!

    1. Bugger, clicked “send” to early.
      The rhubarb is on its first year so should not be cropped, or so I am told. It needs time and energy putting into the roots to get a good crop next year. If I pull off leaves now it may not have enough energy stored to make a proper go over winter.
      So far not needed any pest control other than slugs… But then they got to my peas before I even saw them!

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