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Wordless Wednesday : No Photoshop Needed




13 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday : No Photoshop Needed

  1. That is a pretty moth! Although the link wouldn’t open to her photos for me! And I like your bee photo. I LOVE bees! We need them to survive unless mankind figures out how to pollinate plants without them and no doubt they will if pollution gets too bad. I still have 4 pounds of beeswax left over from when I made soap. It’ll keep for years and I will make more someday!

    1. Hmmm… Not sure why the link broke. I’ll try and fix it,

      Bees are awesome. I try to do anything to help them. I don’t have any honey bee hives. I do have some small natural nests and I’m hoping my two pots will attract some bees, but I won’t be harvesting them for anything. Just enjoying having them.

      1. My “Bee Balm” (Monarda) really attract the bees and the hummingbirds! Do you gave hummingbirds England?

        1. No. We don’t have Hummingbirds over here. In fact I don’t think we have them anywhere in Europe. Could be wrong on that though.
          One of my plants that the bees love is centaurea atropurpurea… Which is very much like the Monarda. It’s a relative of the thistle family if I remember right?

  2. Is “Wordless Wednesday” a popular MEME? (I hate that word by the way.. maybe hate is too strong a word. I don’t like it for some odd reason).

  3. Outstanding colors (even if it is a moth – lol, not one of my fav insects) and total bummer you don’t have Humming Birds – they are amazing creatures! I may have to copy your “wordless Wednesday” if that’s ok? Starting to really like the idea of just really fun pics. Since my goal this year is to add more laughter – think your way would be perfect?!?

    1. LOL…. Lots of people over here use ‘Zombie Butterflies’ for moths. B-)

      I don’t know why so many people don’t like them. Some are a bit drab, but none are dangerous and they won’t hurt you other than a bit of ‘shock’ scare if they suddenly appear from nowhere.

      And lets be honest… That little guy is cute!!!

      “Wordless Wednesday” is not mine. I shamelessly stole it from others. If you use the WordPress reader there are HUGE numbers of people that use the tag!

    1. We do have bats too… But they are REALLY hard to see. They tend to stay near the trees and with all the spotlights pointing down looking up is not so easy!

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