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Nature Is Everywhere

At work it’s supposed to be a very clean area, so it’s always nice to see that nature doesn’t care about what we want and will casually do it’s own thing.

First up was this the other evening. We get a lot of moths in our garage during the night as we have sodium lights outside and our garage is well lit so we can work.

Normally it’s larger moths or any of a billion of our smaller common night-time moths. In this case it caught me out. I wasn’t even sure it WAS a moth at first. With it’s weird as hell wing pattern. Well… After some Googling I found that it is a Plume Moth (Emmelina monodactyla). Strangely beautiful.


And then there was the… thing… That scared the wossnames out of one of the girls in the team. It was really fast and she had put the bucket down to go get something, came back, screamed and refused to go anywhere NEAR it till someone got rid of it. BTW, because we are all evil, none of us did and the bucket stayed there a couple of hours till I gently rested it on its side, allowing the poor thing to leave on it’s own. B-)

So while we do a damn good job at work… You can bet that the odd bit of nature has come along and pee’d on it. B-)


And a small bonus. This is the kind of sky we often get to see in the mornings. B-)






4 thoughts on “Nature Is Everywhere

    1. It is, isn’t it?
      When it flew away it’s wings just seems to appear from nowhere rather than the obvious normal “pinned back” idea they normally have.

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