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B&Q Haul

So yesterday I told you that me and the missus went to B&Q and found a picnic bench on sale. Awesome… But we also got a few other things… Plants!

Yep…We found the ‘Rescue Me’ trolley. B-)

There were quite a few plants I could have taken but to be honest I didn’t have room for them all and one or two just would not have worked anywhere in my limited space. Which is a shame. But I did get a few gems.

Click for larger image

In the above image is my haul. Left to right…
Lavender – £6
Lemon Balm – £1.50
Alstroemeria – £6
Snapdragon – £3

I have ZERO clue why that Alstroemeria was on sale. It’s in really good condition… All it needed was a good drink to perk it up. The snapdragon needs a trim and it should be fine and the Lavender was just coming to the end… Possibly because of watering issues. The soil was a bit gravelly… *shrug*

The Lemon Balm was the only plant in actual distress. I’m guessing it was suffering with regular watering issues. Something all the plants on the rescue me trolley seemed to have, too. The soil had shrinkage and no longer actually fitted the pot. This kind of problem leads to difficulties in it keeping water as too much of any water put on it will run straight off the top, down the sides and out the bottom without actually soaking into the soil, let alone the roots.
Advice time…
If you have this the best thing you can do is to put a saucer under it and pour a little water on the top on a regular basis, every half hour or so. And let it catch and sit in water. Don’t do this for normal, healthy plants though, as most do not like having wet feet. All we are doing is reconditioning the soil to absorb water. When the soil looks better you can pour off any extra water. Bare in mind that when the soil is that bad it will need replacing sooner rather than later.
The other thing you can do is to break off most of the soil and essentially re-pot it. This should really be a last resort though as it may shock a weakened plant or damage the dry roots.


11 thoughts on “B&Q Haul

    1. I find that most of the plants in there are simply lacking in watering habits. Some are end of lines and a few have fallen over and been damaged.
      The last one is easy to deal with. The fact that its the end of a line means nothing to me if the plant is pretty or whatever…

      The biggest problem *visually* is the watering… And lets be honest, it’s probably the easiest to deal with unless it has gone on too long.

      Although I don’t like people mistreating plants, sometimes I kinda do. B-)

  1. Great haul…. I’m tempted to get myself along but I think I would be biting off more than I can chew at the moment. I hope yours all survive!

      1. I think lemon balm is pretty hardy. Mine self-seeded from elsewhere but being in the mint family it would probably survive Armageddon….

        1. LOL!!!
          It looks like the plant has shed some of the further out leaves. Or maybe the plant got knocked over… Either way some of the longer stems are wilting but the closer in main stem is fine.

          I’ve seen other plants do the same, so I think it’s fairly normal.

    1. I am very quickly heading that way.
      Thankfully my redesigning things all the time means I have to move and remove plants.
      This means I also have to learn about plants all the time! B-)

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