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Sad, But It Had To Go


Above is my greenhouse, gratefully received from my Mother-in-law. But with great sadness I had to take it down today. The winds have been simply getting too strong for it. I noted last week that I was having issues with the wind being funnelled around my garden now the solid fence is up… Well it’s also been battering the greenhouse.

The bottom is constantly getting lifted and because the door does not close all the way to the bottom the wind gets underneath it and has damaged the zip. Not only that but the bottom is constantly getting lifted thus tearing the bit tucked underneath. And, because of this, I don’t think I could easily repair it if the winds stay as they are. *sigh* B-(

The reason why I gave up on it today was because today also saw me and the missus going to B&Q and seeing a picnic table on sale. Well… We have wanted one for ages but didn’t have room for it. This was the catalyst on my giving up on the greenhouse.

Now, don’t get me wrong… I was very grateful for it when I got it and it was a great help when I used it. I have also kept all the bits so that if I change the garden around or find somewhere else to put it, it can go back up… Although it will need some patching to repair the wind damage. B-)


So now I have this…

In time the patch will either be flagged, matted and chipped or I will but some turf. I have yet to decide. I like the flag idea. If nothing else I will have somewhere for the plant pots!

Speaking of pots…


I had a few! I threw out all these and ended up keeping only these from the masses I had stored in the greenhouse. I seem to be a bit of a pot hoarder. >.>



8 thoughts on “Sad, But It Had To Go

  1. Pots breed!

    It is sad that changes in your neighbour’s fence mean you can’t realistically keep your greenhouse up. I think you did the right thing, though – you would have been a lot sadder to see the devastation such that was the result of high winds on my greenhouse last year.

    1. In their defence I cannot see how they could possibly have known it would do this. So I don’t blame them in any way.
      My own homemade greenhouse was battered by strong winds. But then I think it was also a case of the plastic I used breaking down due to it not being UV fixed.
      But not to worry. Onward and upward and all that.

      Oh. And I know… I have one pot today. I will have 10 next week… And a thousand by the end of the season. >.<

      1. No of course, it’s no one’s fault the fence has change wind patterns.

        I think the silver birches next door cut down has brought more wind into my garden, especially as they were to the south west, so in the way of the prevailing wind.

        1. So then what can we do?

          I don’t want to plant a tree… Not that I can anyway. B-) But what can I do?

          Will my idea of shrubs work? I don’t know… Nobody I have asked seems to know either. *shrug*

          1. Shrubs might work as well as a tree. The bamboo idea you mentioned last week sounds good, as it can get tall, and if you were putting it in pots anyway, it wouldn’t be a feature the landlord could get upset about. It’s quick growing as well, I believe (at least in comparison with a tree.

  2. Fences can cause wind problems and may themselves suffer in the end. I’ve had this with two different gardens and two lots of neighbours (both friendly). When the wind finally destroyed the fences we put up a trellis instead and grew plants up them.

    1. In all honesty I think it’s going to have to be aluminum frame and glass or solid plastic.

      I think I can reuse the old one, but I will have to do some patching and find another way to spike it into the ground.

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