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Oh, How Things Happen

Earlier on today I made a post about how I need to change my garden… Fast forward a few hours (3pm this afternoon),  what falls through my letterbox? The J.Parkers cataliogue… That is so random it’s almost cruel! B-)

Just to make it even more cruel… On offer is this. How beautiful is that?! So not only is it on offer, it fits my size plan, has winter colour and it will potentially bring in and feed the winter birds!

I’ve always liked Holly (Ilex) for the mixed bag of shades of green you can get… But that one is just something else. O.O

I swear I couldn’t make this up. If it wasn’t that I just spent cash on a GFX card for my computer, I would have gotten a couple before I’d finished making a brew! B-)


10 thoughts on “Oh, How Things Happen

    1. I get a few… I don’t want to stop getting them as they are great for ideas.
      If they are still available when I next get paid I’m getting one… Or two. B-)

      1. It’s hard when you know what you want! I’m very random. If it looks good, I get it (or he gets it), or I find it growing and keep it. Hence this thing my uncle calls a weed but I think looks awesome. So, keeping it. I’m also a huge skinflint so will take dead things in sales and revive them, or grow from seed 🙂

        1. I’m crap at growing from seed but I have a VERY good history for rescuing plants.
          When the wife used to work in an office when we lived in Manchester, she would bring home plants that the staff had abused. Some people should be shot for dumping tea in plant pots. >.>
          I would take them in for a couple of weeks, clean them up, get them back on track and send them back in.

            1. I think it was mainly people dumping the dregs of the cup in there thinking it would work like water… Oh dear… Sugary tea sat in soil goes rank in no time. B-(

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