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Look What I Found This Morning!


As I was coming in the house this morning I passed my Blackberry. Look what has happened!!! Yes, I have flowers now. In fact I have about 8 or 10 clumps of them… So very happy. So now I know that the plant is able to produce fruit. With luck next year it will be bigger and produce a bigger crop.
BTW… Did anyone notice the tiny beetles in the centre? Tiny little things. Very cute.

Oh… Speaking of cute. I had a visitor last night.


This little guy sat and watched me doing my paperwork for about 10 mins. He didn’t seem bothered by me. He didn’t fly off when I shuffled papers or when I moved stuff around him. I also know he was watching me because he actually turned around to face me when I changed position at the desk.
Such a bizarre moment in my working life.  After I finished my paperwork I left him… Within a few moments he had flown away. I guess he was happy with what I was doing as he never corrected me on anything. B-)


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