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Lemon Plant Repotting

Today I decided to repot my Lemon plant, the one that was doing very well in the bathroom. I repotted it because the plant was getting so big the pot was simply not big enough to keep it stable.


I still had some of the original citrus compost left so I used that along with a terracotta pot I had. Please note, if you reuse pots and trays, please make sure you clean them first. cross contamination of plant diseases is a real thing. Read this if you want more info.

Also. if you are using terracotta you really should pre-soak it because if you use it dry it will wick away water you put into the pot away from the plant.


So I put some paper down and took the plant out of the pot. I took a look at the roots to check for any issues, I couldn’t see any and there were no bad smells, so it’s all looking good, if a little dry.


In the end I loosened the base roots a little, popped the plant in the new pot, added in the new medium, gave it a drink and on we go.
Because I had the plant in close contact with me I noticed that I could now smell lemon… Yep, my lemon plant now actually has a lemon scent, I’m guessing that it’s being lost in the bathroom because it is near a window or the other smells in the room are overpowering it. But it is there. A sure sign of it’s continued good health!




Ok… Silly side point.
If you look at the 2nd pic in the post you will see that I originally had the plant in a black pot resting on a red tray. When I went looking for a new pot for it this morning I could only find a terracotta pot that was big enough and a black tray to put it in.
I was going to make a witty comment about how hard it was to get pots to match trays until I took a photo and then looked at the photo to check it was in focus. *Sigh*

Yes, I’m an idiot.

If you look at the last pic you will notice that the new terracotta pot is in the old orange tray. B-)


2 thoughts on “Lemon Plant Repotting

    1. The horrid truth is that I was upset that I couldn’t find any more orange trays… So I had to use the black one and I didn’t want to have to buy more. >.<

      The truth is terrible master! B-)

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