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Generally Happy. B-)

Tuesday was a good day. Lots of great things happening all at once. I was just too tired after a bad day at work and then spending time in the garden to blog it!


My rose continues to make me very very happy! As soon as one bloom finishes there is another opening up! So glad I gave it a harsh trim last year. However I have had my rekindled joy at the rose tempered with a little bit of bad news. Black spot is making a show again.
I’m dealing with it as best I can, and it only seems to be affecting a small amount of leaves. They are being removed as fast as I find them and Rose Clear is being applied. If I can stay on top of it the plant should be OK. Not allowing the infected leaves to fall is helping I think. Only time will tell on this one.


Next up is my squash, Butternut in the above pic but the Juona is doing the same. They are flowering already! The plants themselves are still only small but they are already putting some flowers out. Is the plant not a little small? Not to worry, all seems good there. B-)


Then there is my Goat Willow (Salix caprea). The wall tree I had for a few years. I pulled it out of the wall because I was worried it would affect the mortar . When i pulled it I was scared I had killed it because the end had no roots. I put some rooting hormone but it didn’t seem to want to generate any for more than a year. Then it started putting out the catkin buds and I was happy…. But then the Catkins didn’t burst as they should. I was, again, worried it had died. This week it burst out with leaves! A clear sign it was at least alive! haha!
I’m hoping that with the growth of the leaves that it will also spend some energy building a root system. It NEEDS more roots if it’s to survive.

And finally… The thing that not even the wife knows about. (because I forgot to tell her yesterday)


The Walnut tree has FINALLY burst out with leaves! OMG OMG OMG!!!
I seriously thought it had died when one of two of the buds had turned brown last month. Some of them may have, only a few have burst, with luck others are just be a little slow? I think I need to get it into a new pot!

That’s it… All in all I’m a happy man. Lots of awesome things happening in the garden and some nice weather to enjoy it in!


27 thoughts on “Generally Happy. B-)

        1. If you think I’m anything other than a newbie at all this then you are sadly mistaken. I have learned a LOT in the last couple of years, more than in the previous 30! But I am still learning every day.

          The best thing we can all do is ask, listen and read. All the info is out there.

  1. Here I thought it was warmer where you are and all your trees were in full leaf as ours are in North east PA! We have Pussy Willows here that bloom in the cold spring months. Yes, our roses are in full bloom also, have been for a month or more. I have a miniature climber/rambler I love. I used to have a miniature rose garden when we first moved in but it didn’t do well. I love flowers but hate to weed. My perennial bed looks horrible now! Since my computer crashed and it was repaired it won’t allow me to load garden photos onto it with the camera’s memory card. I need a new camera but won’t be getting one anytime soon.

    1. Most of the trees are in full bloom. I think my willow is just so late because its had such a crushing 2 seasons.
      It got all its roots ripped off when I pulled it from the wall and then we had that super mild winter which threw everything out of synch.
      It seems strange that it won’t read your card. Is it the reader that is broke or the card I wonder?
      If the reader is built in then try getting hold of an external reader on a USB connection and try that.

      1. I’ll have to ask my husband. He often accuses me of screwing up the computer and won’t let me touch it. I admit I have gotten some virus’s opening up some websites videos..

        1. LOL!!!
          It’s easy to do if you use M$ programs because that’s what most hackers write them for.
          Besides… A virus shouldn’t affect your drives. Its more likely a bad connection or a bad driver.

          1. My husbands brother is a computer engineer. I real whizz with them, he brought the computer back from the dead, didn’t think he could do it. It’s just this little problem. LOL

    1. I saw the Shrimp recipe. Your chillies are a LOT better than mine. My ability to grow in a greenhouse leaves a lot to be desired. And chillies have never really been a winner for me. I had a good show with Cayennes about 4 years ago and last years Habanero was ‘ok’…
      My biggest problem… I don’t generally care for HOT spicy food. Spicy? yes… Bonfire in my throat? No thanks! B-)

    1. I really only get the chance when I’m not at work. I’m just too tired otherwise.

      I do have a bit of an issue with the Walnut… It only has 2 bursting points. That isn’t so good. But at least its alive. B-)

    1. Not really. It’s not a fragrant type of rose.
      The only good thing about the black spot is that its nothing like as rampant as it has been in previous years. I think I can keep on top of it. The clipping and the Rose clear should help.

      1. My dad said he was never bothered about the leaves as long as the roses were okay. The black spot is worse on my rose bush this year but I really don’t want to use chemicals.

        1. Neither did I… But nothing seemed to work. But Rose Clear, with the trimming and disposing of the infected parts, did.
          … That and the possible fact that I gave it a hard prune. B-)

          Previous to this year I had real issues getting my rose to flower. I only had one or two blooms and they were… Not very good. B-(
          There was a way to add sulphur to the leaves, it does help in controlling black spot but I’m not sure how to do it. B-(

            1. The rose you saw was an inherited rose, I got it with the house. B-)

              The other roses I got were from Nostell Priory Roses before they closed it down. B-(
              I really need to go to Harlow Carr one of these days. Loads of people talk about it and they sometimes have Bee talks. B-)

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