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Oh no… Flowers!

Normally when you see flowers on plants it’s a time to smile and wait for the bees, butterflies or insects. Today… That’s not what I’m thinking.


First up… Potatoes.
Do I snip them or should I leave them on? Only one is flowering so far but I’ll accept that the rest are only moments away from popping out a set!


Next… My onions!
Oh noes!!! Ok… I only found one that was bolting but it’s possible that others may too, in time.  According to a couple of places I should chop the flower head… But I have a small issue…

I would like to try to let one or two to go to seed so I can harvest them and try and grow them on later. But I only want *ONE OR TWO* to go to seed. So should I snip any extra flower heads?


7 thoughts on “Oh no… Flowers!

  1. Hmm. I know nothing about onions, obviously. Never had a problem with potatoes going into bloom meaning I got less tubers, but I never actually plant potatoes. I shoved some old spud eyes in the dirt and they come back every year. Never been able to dig them out. The flowers are really pretty, though!

    1. Oh yeah, they do have nice blooms and they are enjoyed by all kinds of insects. so I don’t want to remove them for no good reason.

      But if the blooms are likely to butcher my crop… They are going. B-)

  2. Leave the flowers on your potatoes do their own thing. When the flowers dry up it is time to dig up your tadders. Your onions will make a beautiful round flower ball, as it dries it will create the seeds – make sure you catch them before they fall or they will reseed themselves. If you want bigger/better onions, snip/pinch off the flower and then bend over the stalks. This will put all their energy into the bulb instead of wasting it on a taller stalk or flowers to reseed.

    1. Sorry for not responding to this comment, it got buried and I missed it. B-(

      I thought you had to wait for the foliage to yellow and fall before pulling up?

      I am going to leave the single onion flowering at the mo, I want to try the seed path, but I will only allow ONE other to flower. But when it’s been visited and the flowers are fading I’m going to use a bag to wrap around it. This is the same method for catching poppy seeds, btw.

      Do the onions not need the leaves to photosynthesise?

      1. When the potato flowers die off, the stalks will be going also..time to dig taders!
        You can cut off the flowers on your onions (except the ones you want to save seeds from – check your packet and make sure they were/are not hybrids, you may not have viable seeds), then just bend the stalk in half. Don’t worry about removing anything else. The bent stalk will supply enough to the root for the onion to grow, and by bending it, you force it to concentrate on the root – thereby giving you bigger/better onions – YUM!!

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