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Tonight, twenty minutes ago!) I decided to have a go at Mothing. I have a sheet, a light (It’s actually just a bedroom lamp) and a phone camera with some power.

I’m not expecting much seeing as it’s a poorly thrown together idea, but I’m willing to look an idiot for an hour or so… You also never know, I may find something. Looking out the window I saw more than a couple of smaller moths flitting around already. We shall see.

6 thoughts on “Mothing?

    1. I got loads of moths and flies… But nearly all of them were *tiny*. I had a couple of larger ones and a few Daddy long-legs (Crane fly) that nipped in and out.. A spider… Something I didn’t expect! But in the end there was a larger moth that came in….Bounced off the light bulb a couple of times, landed on the cloth for a few seconds then left.

        1. I live in a small village in a rural area surrounded by farms. I also have no direct light into the garden from the street.
          I’m actually thinking that I need a more powerful light too. I went to deal with my lamp from last night and it had completely blown…As in the end cap had disintegrated!
          Also, after reading more into the UV thing… I may REALLY need one of those. B-)

  1. Come to Cali and try!! Oh good golly they are huge here!! Without even “Mothing” I have been hit in the face by moths possibly far too often! Can’t wait to see what you got!!

    1. Unfortunately is was a bit of a fail… In a way… My light wasn’t bright enough, it wasn’t UV… I didn’t use any kind of lure (sugar water or anything like that) so I only got the smaller stuff.
      This is the problem with leaping in with very basic ideas… They don’t always work… But I’m not disheartened at all. I just know if I am going to do it again that I should do it with a plan and better kit, that’s all.

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