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Not Really Feeling It… REDUX

…Not that it matters, just get on with it.

Sometimes you just don’t feel like doing something. Not sure why today but I’m just not feeling it. I got out of bed late, the wife had already left for work and the minion was soon to be heading out before I finally crawled my arse out of my pit. Something largely unheard of.

I went outside to a fairly dull day and got a few jobs done but I didn’t stay out long. Even the cat came back in of her own accord. I guess we’re both having a case of the blues?

Anyway… I trimmed up the Aquilegia as I said I would yesterday. Looking in my photo album I was a little surprised how quickly it had fallen off. In a few weeks it will be back, trust me! B-)

I also tidied up the finishing Daffies. I can’t believe so many still have green stems on them. O.o


And finally the veg plot. A couple of issues have come to light…

First off… The placement of the potatoes was a mistake. I didn’t think they would be THAT big and they have totally blocked the light to the peas behind them. I’m thinking that next time they could go up against the fence. That way they won’t block the light to anything and most of that soil is wasted anyway. The other possibility is to put the peas in front of the potatoes?

I also just realised that I have 4 types of Allium in that picture. Onions, spring onions, garlic and the ornamental ones (that I managed to miss… Because I am an idiot!) >.<
Maybe I should get some chives planted in there to break up the monotony… *ahem* B-)

On a serious note I think having so many of the same species together may be a mistake. Maybe next year I will try and break up the lines and put some crops between them as a part of companion planting. If I try carrots again next year they will DEFINITELY be put between lines as carrot fly doesn’t like onions.

I also need some leaf in there. I did try for some lettuce but it was butchered by the slugs in a single day… So much for that idea! Next year? Beer traps and automated laser death rays… Or Zeroids!

Look… A man can dream, alright?! B-)

Ok… I screwed up…. I managed to post this then made the mistake of deleting the posts it generates. So, because WordPress doesn’t allow you to repost things I had to make a totally new copypasta post.

I think I am done with today. *sigh* It’s a shame I don’t drink. >.>


17 thoughts on “Not Really Feeling It… REDUX

  1. love your garden adventures Kal! Take a minute and spend a bit of cash – get the book Carrots Love Tomatoes by Louise Riotte. It’s been our garden bible for decades! Its all about companion planting and easy to read/follow. One last hint – the world revolves around “3’s” – tall, medium, short – keep that in mind when ever you are planting anything. Oh, and (hee hee) potatoes here get about 2 feet tall and bush out almost as wide. hee hee HAPPY GARDENING – wooo hooo

    1. My potatoes are tapping 3ft already… That is from the top of the soil… Not bottom of the bag!

      Thanks for the recommendation. I found a copy online. When I get paid I’ll get it ordered.

        1. I can get most plants going… If someone starts me off. I can fix more plants than I kill. But seeds and starting from scratch is still very hit and miss.

          I’m not saying I have a black thumb… Far from it… But it ain’t the verdant appendage of choice by a long shot! (yet!)
          I’m still working on it though. o.<

          1. Have you tried laying your seed out on a damp paper towel. Gently wrap them up and place them into a plastic zip bag and set that in a warm place (sunny would be best). Check each day to make sure the towel stays moist and within a couple (only takes about 2-4 days on most seeds) of days you should see sprouts on the good seeds. Plant those immediately into your seedling pots and throw the duds away.

            1. Someone else did 2 versions of this. (Damned if I can remember who it was) Seed tape!
              The first version was just cutting long strips and wetting it and then rolling it up and putting it a a bag… When they had germinated you simply unroll it and place it in the ground.
              The other version was putting them on a pad of folded, moist paper in a zip-lock bag and you pick them out when they have burst… You dump any that didn’t.

              My problem is that I forget all that in the heat of planting… Or I get bored waiting and leap ahead.
              I guess I just need to buy myslef a big ol’ bucket of patience. >.>

              1. big ol’ bucket of patience – hee hee, I could use one too! During the winter months I/we make our own seed tape – just for special stuff like carrots. Kill 2 birds with one stone – winters are slow garden season, carrots n small seeds work best with seed tape. Have a real easy method – lay out toilet paper, place a drop (same size as the seed aprox.) of elmers glue (it desolves in water) at the appropriate planting space, set your seed on the drop then fold over the paper. You don’t need gobs of glue, doesn’t matter if they all sprout or not. You make homemade seed tape during the winter then just lay it where you want when spring is ready. No need for patience – you can do this while watching a movie.
                We store our dried and ready to go tapes in a mason jar – nothing special needed.

                1. Someone did a post on seed tape. That was where I learned about it. I had never heard of it before. Genius idea. So good I had to repost the blog!
                  But whereever I read it they used a flour/water mix to bond the seed. A lot more natural than glue.

                  1. Never used flour/water mix ? It doesn’t react with the seeds? I like Elmers glue because it is safe – non-toxic and dissolves in water (kids eat the darn stuff – eeek, but they do). It is also very easy to work with. I guess you could mix the flour/water stuff in a dropper bottle? Never tried it – how do they do it?

  2. My garden expert uncle said not to tie the daffs up! I thought it was doing them a favour, instead of chopping them. He says to just leave the mess on the ground until they die back. Yuck. I might tie em up anyway, they rather bore me this time of year!
    I actually had no idea dead heading agualegia made them bloom again. I trimmed one just because I couldn’t deal with more self-seeding – and BAM more flowers. Smaller, I think? But I’ve been missing out!

    1. The second flush is smaller than the first, but opening it up also reduced the chance of mildue forming in the middle of the fading mass.

      And as to daffies, the flowers were long past done and the stems are already yellowing. It’s just a waiting game until the stems come away from the bulb (I don’t cut mine, Just very gently pull) . If photosynthesis is still happening it is at a VERY reduced rate. No real loss.

  3. You learn by your ‘mistakes’…. That’s the way I like to learn – I see it as progress rather than a problem. Hope you feel in a more positive frame of mind tomorrow!

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