New Blog

I’m starting a new blog… One for myself.

Obtuse Stupidity

This one will not be about gardening at all… It’s just a personal blog. Basically it’s going to be everything else in my life that isn’t gardening.

It will be about food, life, books, games, movies, my own basic stupidity and plenty of me commenting (ranting) on stuff I see and stupidity have to deal with from others.

Other than this post there will be no overlap between the two blogs, although I will have a link at the top.

This blog will not be stopping, I’ll try and do them both at the same time. LOL… That is what I am hoping anyway. B-)

Be warned… While my gardening blog is clean with no profanity at all. My other blog will have swearing and a bit more of an…¬†adult theme. No, not that kind adult… >.>

Anyway, check it out if you want, or not… Up to you. Only an opening post so far.


5 thoughts on “New Blog

  1. “If you don’t like it – STOP READING” – looovve it Kal! already hooked into your newbie cuz I know it will be entertaining. Did not see a “like” or comment section though – bummer (hee hee hee) Cant wait to see your ranting side! FYI – love rice too – it goes with so many things and I could eat rice n eggs for breakfast almost every day – YUM!!

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