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…And While The Rain Paused

So after a few days of well-waited-for rain I went outside for a bit of a looksee. The biggest problem with working long nights is that even though I CAN get some time in the garden in the morning I’m usually too knackered to actually DO anything!
With that said I did get some time this morning before the rain rang the bell for round two.


First up is my Aquilegia. Only just into summer and already in need of a hacking. This has, hands down, been the best year so far for flower spikes. If I give it a trim now I may even get a second show! If the rain holds off this afternoon I may give it a go… That and tidy up the yellowed Daffie stalks by the side of it and around the garden in general.

Top Left. A new Rhubarb plant. The first crown I got off Ebay didn’t do anything… Just sat in the ground and rotted . This time I bought a plant that is actually growing. This way if it fails I know it was something *I* did rather than getting a duff plant.

Top Right. Sweet Peas planted. The wife likes them and asked for some for the garden. We couldn’t find any in the, admittedly few, shops we visited so I decided to get some seeds and just go for it.

Middle Right. Cucamelons. I found an old, unused half packet of seeds and thought ‘Sod it’ and planted the lot. I got more than I hoped so I may take a few into work, see if anyone wants them while keeping a few for myself.

Bottom Right. Cyclamen seeds. I love Cyclamens, but they are quite expensive as plants but REALLY cheap as seeds, so I sowed these last year and for ages they did very little. Now the corms are doing very well and a few have multiple leaf stalks. When autumn comes I will get them in the ground and will be expecting a good show!

Bottom Left. Onion sets. I found out earlier this year that onions are actually biennials. That is they actually need two years to get what we know of as an onion. Most crops are grown from sets, well… The first year is spent making it to that ‘set’ stage! Yeah… Basically I made the mistake of buying seeds, not sets, thinking they would work…. Oh how I (didn’t) laugh! >.>
So I decided to have a go and plant them anyway and see if I can make a kind of continuous run of seeds -> Sets -> Crop. I think it may work! Rather than buying sets I can buy seeds this year that will grow sets for next year very simply on the floor of my greenhouse. they don’t need a lot of light and its otherwise wasted down there.

The idea being that, in Spring, sets and seeds get planted. Seeds in the greenhouse, sets outside in the beds. Then later on I can harvest the grown sets as food and the seeds that became sets can be put in the outhouse for planting the following year. If any of my plants produce seed I can use those to grow my own sets making a complete circle. If not seeds are cheaper than sets. B-)


My Delphiniums are now taller than me. The white one is actually about the height of the fence! (~6’6″) O.o


And finally my Lupins. You can’t see them all, maybe a couple, but I managed to count about 15 bees buzzing around in there while I was looking around. Practically one on each stalk.
I think they were all out to make the most of the break in the rain, just like I was. Do bees fly in the rain? I don’t think they do.

In the end I was only out for about 45 mins before the rain restarted and I came back in. Hopefully I will get some more time tomorrow to cut the grass and get some of the jobs done.






Oh… AndImademyveryfirstspiceblendtoday… GaramMasala.IknowitsnotgardeningrelatedbutIwasreallyproudandwantedtoshare. B-)

10 thoughts on “…And While The Rain Paused

  1. You CAN grow onions from seed in one season. I used to do that but didn’t like all the space it took up. The thing is you need to start them pretty early. I was starting them in January and our last spring frost date is the last week of April. Also there is the difference between long day and short day varieties. I forget where you’re located, but I think you’re a long day gardener.

    1. I’m in Yorkshire, UK.
      Are there different varieties that will go from seed in one year? Most seed packets I have seen say two years.
      Admittedly I only looked at a handful. B-)

      1. Oh, yeah, you’re even ten degrees farther north than me so definitely long day. Just google around for named long day varieties and give it a shot next season if you’ve got the inclination.

  2. I’m so jealous of your lovely lupins. I’ve tried to grow them from seed and even bought one from a garden centre and the bastard slugs ate them.

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