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What I Did At 4:30 This Morning

This morning at 4:30am I decided it would be a good idea to (*ahem* finally) plant in the tomatoes I got started in the greenhouse. I must be mad! B-)


So that’s 4 going outside with a couple more being kept in the greenhouse, just in case. Also because I don’t have any room for them outside!

So on the left was before and the right after. I *hope* I left enough space between them. They are the ‘Alicante’ variety, so they will/should be a bit bushy but not too big… So I should be ok. I will cane them up if needed.

It’s going to be a sunny and warm day today so I will have to be careful watering them in. The plants don’t get direct sunlight till about 9am so I gave the whole area a good soaking… We shall see how they do.

I also have a couple of peppers that need re-potting and a serious amount of weeding to do. They have really been on a mission in the time that I have been at work!


17 thoughts on “What I Did At 4:30 This Morning

    1. We have yet to see any rain. I keep seeing greyish clouds but they pass over and the air doesn’t have that ‘rain’ smell or feel.
      If it is going to rain today its kinda running out of time to do it in! B-)

      In the expectation of a bit of rain I cleaned my pond filter… I hope I don’t have to use my waterbutt to refill it. It’s not had a refill in a while and I’m starting to get low.

      1. We get a dry day or two here, then more rain. It’s been very humid on things days it hasn’t. They say we’re in for a dry weekend, then more rain.

  1. Shouldn’t they be 2 feet apart Kal? My husband picked up the most beautiful, healthy Patio Tomatoes for my EarthBox and two extra I planted in pots. Then I used the old planter for Romaine Lettuce and Swiss Chard. Only 4 plants each, according to EarthBox directions. It’s not much but like I said, just an experiment.

    1. I dunno. As they are now they are about 18 inches or so.
      I think its more to do with the root space. Seeing as they are in the ground they can expand better. But I think 18″ should be enough.

      Will you crop the Romaine continuously, or will you harvest it in one go?

          1. In terms of tomatoes in this country, cropping period doesn’t really apply, particularly if you plant outdoors – unless they are say cherry tomatoes, which ripen quickly. Generally, most tomatoes will be green when I need to pick them because of frost (which doesn’t seem to bother the fruit but knackers the plants).

            So, you did the right thing putting them all out at the same time, in my experience 😊.

            1. Many people say you should plant out in stages so you get staggered cropping at the end of the year.
              Whenever I did cherry tomatoes a few years ago they only ripened in the house… They refused to ripen on the stalk. I guess I did something wrong. >.>

              1. No, stop blaming yourself! They probably didn’t ripen because tomatoes don’t ripen very well outside in our climate. No doubt I got lucky last year….

                I still don’t think staggering a tomato crop outside at our latitude is worth the mental effort. And as my dad has said to me, later plantings seem to catch up with earlier ones.

                1. I noticed that. Strange thing. O.o
                  I wonder if it’s the plants knowing the stage of summer and get a wiggle on when summer (Light levels) start to fade

                  Oh, and I’m not exactly beating myself up here, BTW. B-)

                  1. Glad to hear it 😊.

                    I think plants are very clever – they have my ultimate respect. Tbh, I can empathise with fruitarians, though I do rather like eating vegetables.

  2. Next year I will plant to tomatoes in the old box and who knows what in the newer one. Maybe vining beans

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