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Garden tour 2/6/16

Not had a huge amount of time in the garden the past few days. A lot has been going on a work and that has left me shattered and with little energy to get outside and do things.

Today was a day off and unfortunately I spent most of it sleeping. 10pm till 1pm the following day… That’s 15 hours! I guess I needed it! O.o

So today I did a small garden tour. I didn’t have any major things to update, no new plants, no real problems and nothing done that was worthy of a post on its own. But things ARE growing in the garden. Summer is here…. Or so they say. As you can tell in the vid it was windy and cloudy and really not very warm!

Anyway… Please remember that my normal level of poor memory and disjointed commentary abound!
Oh… And there is LOADS of wind noise in these vids… Got to apologise for that!

Front Garden tour

Rear Garden tour


7 thoughts on “Garden tour 2/6/16

  1. Your hostas really are doing well. I’m pleased with mine as well ๐Ÿ˜Š.

    Anyway, I hope you feel better after 15 hours sleep. I need about the same, I think!

    1. I’m actually shocked at how well they are doing.

      I was actually very foggy headed for a while. I don’t think I should have made this vid with such a foggy head! B-)

  2. P.S. Further to our discussion about seeds, my honesty doesn’t seem to have germinated but at least I know what I am looking for now. Thanks!

    1. I’m considering buying plug plants more often now. A couple of local garden centres near me carry very small, cheap plug plants earlier in the year.
      For me that seems like the best way to go. Not only that but I know that they don’t use pesticides, while I can’t say the same for Homebase or B&Q.

  3. I couldn’t take the wind noise on the back garden vid! Sorry, I’ve got something wrong with my ears right now and it was literally painful. I got to the part with what looks to me to be proper Irish Shamrock! Or shamrogue as hubby pronounces it…
    Your hostas are lovely, I do like a variagated type. I slug-pelleted the hell out of mine when they were first emerging, so all is good here too. Do yours flower? I’ve had people say theirs never did but mine always do. And you also have flowering rosemary! Another one people in the US seem to not get to flower. Weird
    Now I’ve forgotten the name of that bush with the liberal coating of purple flowers, but WOW.
    No clue on your bee or the odd eggs, but the ‘dust’ was bird poop ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope you didn’t lick your thumb after! ๐Ÿ˜†

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