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A Relaxing Sunday Morning

So, today is Sunday. The day for relaxing and having fun, yes?

At 8 am this morning I was tidying up my outhouse. Being done by 9 or so I wandered around the garden for a bit then decided to do a job I rarely do. Scarify the lawn! I rarely do it because I always forget to do it at the right time of year. So I leave it thinking I will do it later and then, again, forget! >.<


Ok… I didn’t actually scarify it as much as de-thatch and scrape the moss and crap off the top. The tool you see above doesn’t actually cut the soil level enough to actually call it scarifying, and it definitely does bugger all for aerating it at all.


The first pic is what I started out with. It took me about 20 mins to give it a good going over. The second pic was at the end of the first scrape. I then did a very quick 2nd run over to catch anything I missed.
The 3rd pic is the totality of the moss I dragged out. Quite a bit, but not as much as I thought I would get!


I then cut the grass. I cut all 3 of my lawns, although I only took a photo of this bit. I managed to fill the mower box with this small area. So there was still a lot of chaff after scraping it all over. In the end it doesn’t look half the horror story that you sometimes get when scarifying.
I have to note that I wasn’t going to reseed it. If I do it again in autumn I will get some seed for it, but not today.

After this I tidied up the border edges, did a bit of weeding in the beds and strimmed the wall edges. By this point it was about 11 am. Most of the morning gone and I was really sweating in the warm sun! I was wearing jeans, That was a mistake!

So, in the end, a relaxing Sunday morning? Why yes, thank you. It was! B-)


15 thoughts on “A Relaxing Sunday Morning

  1. Well I wonder what our time zones are? It’s 10:37 AM here on the east coast USA. WE have a chilly, rainy morning and due to my husband’s urging I planted the patio tomatoes already, and here is it a chilly 56 degrees and rainy, overcast. I planted 2 in the EarthBox, one in a yard planter we have on the back deck and one in the lily bed.. (In the lily bed? You ask? Yes, I know weird huh?) . I should have waited until Memorial day (The last Weekend in May). Just one more week you know? It’s going to warm up quite a bit, so I thought I’d risk it to make hubby happy.

    1. EST is GMT -5? so you are 5 hours behind us. It’s 4pm here.

      It’s been sunny all morning. Lovely and warm!
      The breeze has picked up now and it looks like its snowing because the dandelion clocks are all over the place!

      56F is 13C… Not bad. Its only 14C here right now and I am only in a t-shirt!

  2. Oh Yeah! I got sidetracked.. what you call Scarifying the lawn we call aerating the lawn. WE NEVER aerate out lawns the MOLES do it for us. The lawn is all bumpy and horrible by the way! LOL

    1. Generally aerating the lawn means pushing spikes into the turf to open up holes.

      We had moles when we first moved in. They were easy enough to get rid of. (Kids windmills pushed into the ground)… They don’t like the noise.

      Scraping the lawn will even it out… Failing that, get a roller!

        1. Scarifying involves not only catching thatch and debris in the sward, but also making a shallow cut in the ground. This is really only to aid the very top layer of root to get air and break up compacted ground.
          At the council we had machine that had 5″ blades on it and was REALLY dangerous to use! Like this…

          Aeration involves one of two methods. Solid or hollow tining.
          Solid involves simply driving a long spike or nail (4 to 6inch) into the ground.
          Hollowtining involves driving a spike in that is holloww and digging out a small amount of soil. You then go around and collect it all up, then scatter a coarse, gritty sand and sweep it into the holes.
          This second method is really only for fine turf or really compacted ground! (bowling greens, golf courses and sports pitches. For a normal garden you really only need the solid form.

  3. I’m on a different time-zone here, too. Just getting my Sunday started. Been lazing around checking my mail and drinking coffee. Hubs is outside working on the communal lawnmower and later we’re going to put a cover on our counter tops

    Hope the end of your Sunday was as wonderful as the beginning..

  4. My husband is In Charge of the lawn so scarifying is his job. The first time we did it, we got bags and bags of moss and thatch but these days it’s getting to be a quicker job. The only thing is, it gets rid of stuff I like, like clover and buttercups.

  5. Funnily enough, my parents were just talking about scarifying their lawn last night. Well, maybe it isn’t funny but I’ve never done it myself. My back lawn could have done with it, though, if I’d kept, as it looked like it had never been done before.

    Apparently, it cost my sister £80 to get someone in to do it, so you saved yourself a packet yesterday as well as getting some exercise etc!

    1. Yeah… Its not cheap to do. The majority of it is the time taken.
      The patch I did is only small and only one of the 3 lawns I have. I have ZERO plans on doing the big one, but I may do the back one. B-)

      Oh… And £80 is cheap… Just sayin’!

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