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Where are all the bees?

So yesterday evening  I did an hour in the garden doing nothing but wandering around looking for bees… and other insects/wildlife, I’m not going to lie here! B-)

In the hour I spent in the garden, 4:30 to 5:30 pm, other than the Red mason bees that I have nesting, I only saw one bee. That seems…. Odd.

This time last year I’m sure there were more than this. I do remember my Ceanothus having LOADS of bees on it. Only one yesterday and I have a better show from it this year than I did last year.

Looking back on my twitter feed from this time last year shows these two for a start.


Now it’s possible that I just picked a poor day. Late in the afternoon and not sunny like in those pics. I will have another go soon and hopefully the results will be better.

I’m hoping it’s a glitch and not a trend. >.>


6 thoughts on “Where are all the bees?

  1. I have noticed a decline in the bee population here as well. Hoping that things improve as we move into the warmer part of the year.

    1. I had some more today. Still not as many as I expected, but at least the numbers came up.

      I was hoping to at least equal it. But I think it crappy winter/spring had held them back a bit.

  2. I know you watch somethings in your gardens Kal, but what about the bigger picture? We have noticed tons of different things, may sound kinda syfy-ie, but it feels almost like a climate shift. The spring and winter seasons are just a bit off. It has been coming on slowly (which it would), but the little things that most people do not even see, we have been watching. Bird migrations, insect and reptile appearances and disappearances, and the plants themselves have changed/are changing. 5 years ago, spring was mid-march starting. The last few years we have not been able to get out to our spring planting until mid to late April. This year it was the first part of May. We watch the ocean patterns because we know they will affect these types of things (season shifting), but the birds, bugs and critters are the ones that have us freaked out. Robins normally disappear here in winter. Not this last year, they were here for the whole year (still here, never left). Just one of our many oddities here in the U.S. that have us keeping an eye on good old Mother Nature. I told you how we work with a beekeeper, and even they have adjusted their visits.

    1. I have to say you do have a point. Here in the UK our seasons are not 3 months each. But autumn/winter does seem to have shifted. And this last one was so incredibly mild! We normally get some snow/wintery weather late Jan, Feb time but this year it’s all been…. Late.

      We all know about climate change, it really is happening, it’s just that it’s having bigger, dare I say, “visible” effects.
      Are your autumns getting later to match the slide? Last year I was cutting my grass in November for Pete’s sake! O.o

      I’m not a climate scientist but even I can see it.

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