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A Thorny Issue!

I just noticed that my lemon plants are growing thorns? WTF? O.o

Yeah… Apparently most citrus plants have thorns. I had no idea this was a thing… I suppose I could be excused because I’m not really living in a climate ideal for citrus so I rarely see any citrus trees.

Most of the ones on my plant are still soft and pliable but one is already quite stiff… Not sharp though. I’m glad I don’t keep the plants near where the cat could spike itself!
Ok… I keep it that way because the daft thing would knock them over… But the sentiment was good.

You live and learn!


14 thoughts on “A Thorny Issue!

    1. Ah… So the spikes will get sharp then at some point?
      I kinda thought they would, but these are still soft so I wasn’t sure.

      I guess I will need to start being a little more careful with it! B-)

    1. But the whole idea of fruit is that some creature comes and eats the fruit and takes it away and poops the seed. Not sure I would want the fruit if I had to dodge sharp spines!

          1. I don’t know anything really about these things – I can only surmise that it must work, otherwise the citrus tree wouldn’t bother 😉.

  1. News to me, too. I’ve been thinking about getting one of the varieties that do well in containers (my yard is weird with sun/shade and flooding and I’ve about decided the only way to keep anything alive here is to be able to move it when needed). I had no idea they were thorny plants though.

    1. Have you tried improving the soil and turning it over to aid run-off or flow?

      And I know about sun/shade… *sigh* Being in the UK means we get more cloudy days than anything!

      But growing things in pots is not a bad way to do things as you can put two plants next to each other that don’t share the same soil needs.

      1. True. I’m working in a very small area, too. We live full time in our rv in my oldest’s back yard and it’s very dippy (lots of really low spots prone to flooding). I think containers would just be easier. I’m disabled too, and i think containers would make things easier on my back and hips. I can bring them up to me.

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