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I Finally Did It

I have to admit something right at the start. I am scared of electronics, not just ignorant or anything, actually scared. Most things I will have a try at, woodwork or plumbing, anything like that I will have a go. I may well fail it first time but I will have no problems backing off, having a think and trying again. Not so with electronics.
Why is this? I honestly have no idea. Maybe it was that I never really got to tinker with electronics when younger like I did with other things. But the fact is that it scares me and so I don’t dabble.
Luckily I have a friend that CAN do electronics and so I really haven’t needed to. But I accepted a while ago that I need to get over this fear.

Why am I telling you all this? Well…

A while ago, *cough*4yearsago*cough* I bought a bigger pump for my pond. My existing pump was fine it just wasn’t rated for the fact that I now had a MUCH BIGGER pond! I went from a small pond about 3 ft in diameter and around 8″ deep (130 litres) to one that was 4′ x 3′ and 28″ deep! (800 litres!). As you can see, my old pump just wasn’t up for it!

So I went from a small 300L/ph pump to a 1700L/ph pump. You can see the difference in the header picture above. It’s not insignificant!

I actually started last week by changing out my old filter box with a much bigger one with a far greater input/output. Zip forward to this morning and after doing the weekly shop I got moving with serious footwear. You know I am nervous when I lace and tie up my boots, normally I don’t bother and just slip them on unlaced.

As you can see from the above images I uncovered the box that houses the connector. Both are IP66 weatherproof rated but I was advised long ago that because it’s sitting in soil AND possible water it’s better to double up on the waterproofing.
I then disconnected the old pump and after snipping off the plug, stripped the wires from the new one and connected the wires like for like. I then resealed it all properly and put it back in it’s place. For anyone wondering, the fuse on the plug I snipped off is the same as the one in the plug that goes into the external wall socket.


After doing all that I then sank the pump and let it run for a few seconds. I guessed that if I had screwed something up it would have blown almost instantly or at least in the first minute or so. But everything seemed fine, no explosions, just flowing water so on I went.

I then spent an annoying 10 mins unhooking the old pump connectors from the isolator on the filter in pipe. Oh God, what a pain that was! And then connecting the new, much wider piping. With the pipes all connected I turned it all on with the isolator open. Success!!!


I then hid the piping out of view with a locking tag I nicked from work, had a little tidy up and I’m all done.

It may sound silly to some of you but I cannot put down in words the kind of nerves I was feeling this morning. I *should* have done it yesterday but I went to Nostel Priory for an event. You can read about it on my Facebook page here and see some pics here.

Hope you are all having a great weekend!


10 thoughts on “I Finally Did It

  1. BRAVO KAL!! Electric is not one of my favs either! Plumbing and I have an agreement – I doesn’t break and I wont beat on it (LOL)…no, really I have the bad habit of diving into my projects. But electric and I have an understanding – simple things like changing and outlet, or (this weekend project) installing a ceiling fan – no big deal and I do it. Water, electric and I will be hiring a pro for it! Guess we are lucky here in the US – we have a huge pond out front but our pump is just plugged into a hidden outlet we ran out by it. No special wiring by the water. The outlet is covered by a plastic housing then rocks strategically placed on it – all hidden. Same with our greenhouse – we have a certified electrician friend and he and I installed the majority of the electric in it (ok, he did it – I handed the parts – hee hee). It gets really wet in there so I wanted to make sure it was all done right. CONGRATS again for having the guts to take it on – AND WIN!!! WOOO HOO – YOU GO GUY!!

    1. Thank you, thank you! *bows*

      Yeah. I have an outside plug socket fitted by my friend that knows electrics so I know THAT end is fine. He also made up the cable that goes from the plug to the orange capsule you saw. So, again, I know THAT is ok. The rest was me.
      There is NO WAY ON THIS PLANET that I would do anything like fitting a ceiling fan! O.o

      BTW… What kind of pump do you use for your pond? Over a certain L/ph they go a bit weird and need other things that I simply don’t need on mine. I think the change is at about 6000L/ph?

  2. Hee hee – if you can do that outside “water” stuff, you would have no problem with a ceiling fan! The biggest thing most people forget (ya this seems kinda stupid -but true) is to turn off the main breaker before you start (major “duh” right??!!). The rest is way easy (here anyway) red wire to red wire etc. cap them off and done! no big deal (kinda like changing a faucet).
    As far as the pump stuff – I never worry about brand or sizes…I purchase an original kit via guidance from my local Home Depot Pro…then when the part (in this case pump) blows, I simply take the broken part back to them and say “I need one of these please!” They go thru all the training for their jobs and llooovvveee to help – amazin huh!?!
    They will actually spend tons of time talking with me to figure out if what I have is the right size for my project or do I need to upgrade etc. I have yet to find a nasty person in one of their stores (cant say the same for Lowes – yucky!)
    Don’t know if you have either by you, or something similar – – but taking in the broken part and asking for help works every time! (I think it makes the person feel a bit more important when they help you out – win win!)

    1. No Lowes or Home Depot… But we have B&Q and Homebase… Same thing… Including the difference in customer support. >.>

      Over here though we have more specialised shops for things. Garden centres will have aquatic areas and so on. The biggest help is online though.

  3. We have garden centers too – but they never seem to have enough staff to help out. Spring is huge and vicious here – everyone wants it first, and wants themselves helped yesterday – no waiting (buggers!!). I am not in that much of a hurry – if I get it great, if not move on. I also agree with the online help – gotten tons of stuff from the net – LOVE YOUTUBE!! woo hoo

    1. I have yet to suffer that yet… Is there no way of pre-ordering things?
      I suppose there is always the idea of getting friendly with the workers so you get preferential treatment? B-)

    1. Occasionally I see frogs but I’m not sure if they live here or just turn up for a visit. We have a stream in the copse of trees at the back of our house and they do live in there.

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