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Veg plot nearly filled

The veg plot is really coming along now. With my nipping to B&Q the other day to pick up some stuff I needed I think I will now have filled it for now.


I picked up a strip each of peas, lettuce and spring onions. Also a box of blood, fish and bone fertilizer. I also got a mini weeder that has seen some real work this past couple of days! It’s perfect for using in places where even a trowel is just too big. Well worth the £2 I spent on it!

I planted in the Peas, and the Spring onions and lettuce on Friday. I also went on a scout to see what the rest of my veg were doing.

On the left is the potato. Already starting to show and looking like all the root potatoes have taken. On the right is the Rhubarb. It’s under straw as a mulch to keep the sun off it. Because of that I have no idea if its doing OK or not.. Not that it would have shown yet anyway! I also realise that I won’t actually be able to crop it this year. It will need a full season to generate leaves and grow a good root structure so that next year I can take off leaves and know it will survive.


The area in white is where the squash will be going. I’m going to plant 3 of each type. I will give away the other 3 of each seedlings. Not sure who to… Maybe someone local will take them?

So to do a catch up I now have potatoes, peas, onions (red and white), squash (2 types), garlic, lettuce, spring onions and (not yet put in)… Tomatoes.

To add to those I also have blueberries, blackberries and strawberries, with cherry and walnut patio trees that are not yet ready to produce fruit yet.

Not a bad plan for a first year trial. If these come up as well as they have done so far than I Will definitely be doing it again next year! Maybe even steal some space in the main garden for the big plants.

I wonder if that Leylandii hedge can be moved about 6ft further into the front garden? B-)


17 thoughts on “Veg plot nearly filled

  1. Sounds a great range…. It will be great if you can get walnuts. Where did you get the trees from?

    I’m sure your rhubarb will be fine. Just keep it watered.

        1. Next time I am in (I know, any excuse!) I will look to see if they still have any. They may not at this point… But this is not the first year they have had them in. Just the first time we have had money to buy them!

    1. Thank you!
      We had a fair bit of hail last week. The weather was all over the place. 4 seasons in one day kind of thing!
      Or hail tends to be smaller and quick to end. More like sporadic showers of it. Nothing sustained. I know you guys in the US tend to get it worse than us.

      1. yep, I have seen it shred huge corn fields to a toothpick, but leave the field across the road standing beautifully. Wild weather here. Friends of ours even created “hail guards” over their raised beds because they seem to be in the path of several storms during this time of year. His/their hail guards are awesome! At least now they get to consume some of their labors instead of feeding it all to their chickens. LOL

          1. That type of cover would be great if you only received tiny hail stones. Saturday’s hail was the size of quarters – lucky it was more slushy than hard. Most times it is hard, and this size would have demolished everything including our greenhouse double cover. (roofs, windows etc. – Wray, CO – about 1 hr from here got that WITH twisters…lucky only 5 people got hurt).

                1. Did you log out of your account? This post is anonymous!

                  After reading this in glad I live in the UK. It may rain a lot and the temps are not that high but at least we don’t get extremes.
                  Considering we are the same latitude as northern Canada and Moscow, we do get it mild!

    1. That is… Awesome.. Scary, but awesome! So glad we have mild weather.

      But its things like this that make me wonder why people live there. The weather is definitely against you and yet people live there.
      It’s a very mild form of ‘Why do people live at the base of a volcano?’ question.

      1. Farmers – I was raised that way…you protect what you can, think outside of the box when working on the land, pray for good weather, accept the nice and deal with the bad. At least with hail and smaller gardens, we can do some things for protection…a volcano?? not so much I think – LOL

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