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That Awkward Moment

So yesterday was awesome, it really was! Today proved to be a little less awesome after noticing that I seemed to have made, what I am going to call “An error of judgement”.


Can anyone spot the moronic mistake?

Well, as you can see the bee hotel is right over the top of the pond in a pot. 3 times this morning I have fished bees out of the water. Both male and female had to be rescued. I’m guessing it’s not easy to fly well when you *ahem* have your mind on other things!

Thankfully none of them died. They all dried out and flew off. So no real damage done, but I am going to call this one a lucky dodge.


To fix it I swapped the PiaP with my patio cherry tree. With luck the bees will be less likely to get caught out and, if it decides to flower next year, the cherry will have it’s own swarm (ha!) of workers to pollinate it!

My one possible thought is if the branches of the cherry will hide the hotel? Time will tell on that one. And its not as if I can’t move it at a later date.


4 thoughts on “That Awkward Moment

    1. It took me a couple of hours to notice what they were doing. I actually thought they would land somewhere and mate rather than do it on the wrong or somewhere perilous!

  1. We have tons of bees every year. We place small sticks in all of our water (even the cow water tanks) so the bees can get out easy. Most like our pond with its fountain of cool flowing water, but they will end up in any kind of pool of water. Save our bees! woo hoo

    1. I never find them in my pond and only rarely in my pond-in-a-pot. I think it was only because of the emerging females that they lost their ability to fly right! B-D

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