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That Amazing Moment

This was me capturing the live emergence of a female Red Mason Bee (Osmia rufa). I was simultaneously shell-shocked and so VERY excited!

A little bit of back story.

I was talking to my daughter (who you can also hear in the vid) out in the garden when the mood of the mason bees seemed to change and I didn’t know why. The sound of their buzzing seemed to get more frantic and there seemed to be a lot more of them around than the usual 2 or 3 at a time. When I looked at the hotel you can see in the vid, I noticed that a bee was nibbling at the plug, trying to come out, so I decided to record what happened!

I’m *SO* glad I did!

I had noticed that the males had been buzzing around that hotel for the past couple of days but I didn’t know why. They must have known that the females would be emerging soon and wanted to be ready. They would buzz around the holes and then fly away and come back. They would also kind of fight or threaten each other if there was more than one there at a time.

I was going to make a blog post about why they were acting this way as it seemed strange. I don’t think I’ll bother now, I think we all worked it out!

However… I do have to point out that you have now watched Bee Porn. I didn’t realise they would mate so quickly after emerging!
Sorry about that! B-)


15 thoughts on “That Amazing Moment

    1. I think he did get her dinner though. I think that was what the “kissing” was at the start. I’m sure he passed something to her first as she was emerging.

          1. Exactly, no fuss, get down to the action! Didn’t even give her a chance to get out the way for the other one to come out.

            1. I know… And I was REALLY shocked at that! O.O
              I couldn’t find anything on the interwebs about it but a few people on twitter were not surprised so it must be fairly common.

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