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Even My Pond Plants Hate Me

It’s true… Even my pond plants hate me. I was holding out that at least they would hold that special spot for me… No. They don’t.


Between rain showers today I got to nip out and take a look at the wildlife for a bit… I got to see a Common Carder Bee, first of the year for me. I also saw a few hoverflies and another bee that I just could not get to stay still long enough to get a decent shot of it, but I believe it was either a buff-tail or a white-tail. IDing even common bees moving at 6 million miles per hour is not easy!


And then I went to the pond to check on the fish and see if there was any frog interest and saw ^^ That ^^. *sigh*
Now you may be thinking “What is he on about? That’s awesome. His pond lily (Nuphar advena?) is flowering!” And you would be right… Until you see it this way.


Yeah. If you are not looking from the right angle you wouldn’t even see it. The one stem that has a flower and it managed to tuck itself half under one of the stones, totally out of view of the house and majority of the garden. Wonderful. Thanks for that, nature!


There, fixed it. Now at least I will be able to see it without needing a cunning setup of mirrors or a rope and tackle! >.>


14 thoughts on “Even My Pond Plants Hate Me

    1. I follow a few people on twitter and they post pics with names. After a while they just stay to sink in. Plus I read up on things that interest me.

                1. Tin Eye is an image match thingy on the interwebs.

                  When using Google simply put in what you see. “small bee with red blob on bum uk” and go to images and find one that matches what you saw. (Should be the red tailed bee or maybe the red Mason bee)

                  Or… Large indoor plant with white flowers” gets you the Peace Lily.

                  That’s what I do. It seems to work. B-)

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